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Hello everyone

This past week despite the crash issues and other problems on single player, I was able to do the dangeon where the arena champion and warmaker are to get the recipes.

From my entry to the end, the game poped a message to my screen five times.

What is this message and what’s it’s meaning?

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I’ve got the same message in various places on the Isle of Siptah. I play on PC (private server) and thought it had something to do with my mods but obviously you don’t use mods.

I don’t use mods at all.

I don’t use mods of any kind, running Conan Exiles on PS4.

I am currently playing several hours a day solo play and get this message each game session. I only hop online to refresh bases until online game becomes more stable. So far have not experienced this message in online play.

Indeed, within each message I did a restart and and a shutdown of my ps5 and still that message was popping up.

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Yes @Kazalakis ,
I agree at this point there are issues within the game bringing up this message, it’s on the Devs to correct. Still although I have tried to hop back onto Official several times in the last weeks since the update, I find crashes on single player much less devastating than online crashes.

Especially since both PVE and PVE-C have shorter timers on death, online game will frustrate people out of playing entirely. Walk up to someone’s base lag, die, respawn, travel to body, body not there…

Solo play, playable, online play… not so mucho. !Estúpido!

Personally the solo game is unplayable, I had the same message at each session…

estupido… mummm maybe…

perso j’ai qu’une chose à dire


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Meh? Restart your PlayStation I guess.

Already done on each time this message was popping up.

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Did you read what @Damon sent I read that in a earlier post. Other than the message itself is it causing you problems ?

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No besides the random crash that happens from time to time and the crash when my character enters into the animation of the spell select menu with the stuff.

As for that message, I’m just curious why it pops up and what is it for?

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If click on the highlight area it will explain.

@ Kazalakis ,

this is the link @sestus was referring to from a little earlier in this same thread (click on the blue text)::

It seems all we can do is keep filling out bug reports, or adding to existing threads like this one, as you are doing.

In one of the threads the Devs did respond by saying they are aware and asking if anyone had experienced this in online play, and if so what server it had occurred on. ( I think that would give them a better view into game logs for trouble shooting), so far from the community this only seems to happen in solo mode.

One player recently suggested the error has correlation with Events Triggering in solo play mode. I have not yet seen this, but if I can find error triggers with “Tentacles in Sky” or “Bridge of Betrayer Event”, etc, etc, I will include that in my next error report.

Thanks for continuing to add to this thread everyone, I am just trying to keep threads alive to show Developers that we are still here, supporting them.

Thanks for coming back not great on explaining some of the details. SOME ONE mentioned baby sabertooths at g 11 are invisible checked out on our server and they are. Admin is the only way I managed to get them and staying alive. @Damon @

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