[PS4 - Errors and frozen screen constants] Whenever I play on server # 3980 PvE South America this occurs

PS4 - Official Server #3980 PvE South America

Hello. I would like to alert you again to an issue I am facing daily while playing Conan on ps4. In addition to noticing the performance drop to “process the visual and countable information” (I think) in more “busy” environments, as in my workshop where I keep more than 15 thralls working and several boxes with items, I have observed - with concern - that the game is “freezing” or causing error (code CE-34878) daily at random times. There is not a day when you do not suffer at least one problem in that sense.

Just yesterday I was in combat and the screen stopped. I was forced to close the application and restart, but when I came back, it was already dead. It causes so much frustration, loss and loss of time that you can not imagine. Please check what is happening, as this has become a routine. For 95% of the time things seem to be stable (I’m usually online for hours), but… this is not guaranteed and puts the player in a delicate and insecure position whenever in a hostile environment.

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Hiyo try cutting the console off then when you reboot hold the power down, tell you hear a beep. Now as the system reboots click the button that says rebuild data, this will not delete your old data. This will fix just about all software errors but it might come back later on. If it does Just do the same thing again it takes about four mins to do cause it might be just a cache error, controller error(yes this happens more then you think if it is the blue controller), and or a file that just got drunk and messed up. >:3 hope it helps

Okay, thanks for the interest in trying to help, but another “accident” occurred today and I lost everything, including my body with several valuable things. A product of hard work days. I give up on Conan. Good luck.

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