[PS4 - Server # 3980 PvE South America] Frozen games and fall of perfomance frequently

Hi. I’ve been talking about this for a few days now ([PS4 - Fall of perfomance and game paralysis] Server # 3980 PvE South America inside my big workshop), but as I play daily, I’m now observing that these problems are already part of a routine. To be precise, there is not a day when the game does not “freeze”… especially after a few hours of gameplay. Sometimes it occurs to Sony to alert me that the error code CE-34878-0 occurred in the Conan Exiles application. But I’m always forced to close the game and restart it… counting on the luck that I’m not in a fight or some hostile place (and that’s already happened). You see, I play cautiously and avoid being killed with my character to the fullest; knowing that the system can “sabotage” my game is at least worrying. Also, I see a marked performance drop - as if the game was dealing with an unstable lag - when the screen has more information to process, like in my big workshop. I have several “means of production” and thralls in a reasonably tight spot on my base and the game has already paralyzed in most cases in that location.

I would like to register these problems. They occur daily, is not something “casual” or rare.

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