[PS4 - Fall of perfomance and game paralysis] Server # 3980 PvE South America inside my big workshop

Helllo. First of all, I would like to say that I am not a “specialist” in technical problems involving game performance, but I am going through a reasonably frequent problem. I built a large base even by playing alone (at least I consider it great) and, downstairs, I am maintaining a large workshop with multiple means of production and more than 15 thralls in a reasonably tight space. I also keep several boxes with items stored in the local. When I’m jogging at that particular location in the base or even accessing my items / boxes / workshops, I realize that the game sometimes stops for a half second to “process” what’s occurring or slows down, like it’s with an unstable lag. Maybe there’s a drop in frames per second (I’m not a specialist). More worrying: my game has already paralyzed more than 5 times in that specific place and I am forced to force the game to close. My PS4 warns that error occurred in the Conan Exiles application (code CE-34878-0) and I have to restart the game.

I’m worried because I still want to expand my workshop a little more and I feel insecure just to be present in this place of my base. I must warn you that the game does not “freeze” “always” in that place, but I can say that it is often observed that there is a clear performance drop… and as it is the place I go to - for obvious reasons - I wish this could be verified.

*I even avoid leaving the game inside this place, because when I log in again, I realize that this “busy” environment is being “processed” gradually (need more than 10 seconds to complete)… as if I were uploading it gradually even though I already have officially entered the game.

(note; im on xbox one)

Well i feel ya, i have similar problems when sprinting through my base. Note this is a singleplayer game. this base is located at taliths island in the highlands.

I do have frequent crashes and sometimes lag.

Ive posted a ****load of pics so you can get an idea about how big it is. and while it generally runs quite smoothly it does have problems in co-op. As you can expect crashes happen often then.

It wont fit on a single pic so yeah, enjoy!




aaaanddd the game crashed whilst floating to the other side…

so lets reboot and continue…

(I was flying over a part where i have about 20 archer thralls on the battlements on the walls)


Lol, this is not a base, it’s a built kingdom. I would not have the patience and the talent to build this alone. My knowledge of architecture (especially involving roofs) is bad too. Lol. I even played a few days on my own server, but felt lonely and bored after a few days. Well, I’ve already started building a new base in the freezing north because my official home is in the desert. I think after a week it will be reasonably complete.

Anyway, it seems that there is not a day when my game does not stop (ps4 mostly causes an application error) or the server is restarted. I also keep watching a performance drop as well. The place where my workshops are remains a practical performance test for the server, and most of the time the game stops there. When I travel in hostile places, it goes without saying that I’m terrified that my character will die because of these flaws. In addition, this is worrying because the tendency is for the server to get more “busy” with more structures and people.

well since the day i posted this i added a couple more structures, the entire thijg is now spanning both trident streams below telitsh island (a bit vage but yeah basically wverything inbetween the savanmah and the island is build upon now)

on average my game crashes every 10-20minutes, today i got 4 crashes in little over 30minutes of playtime.IMG-20180613-WA0054

(from the other side (

sidenote, i cannot play co-op anymore, since the game crashes every couple of minutes then.

the sloped plains (outside the temple of frost) and below near the western side of the lake, are some great spots to build large structures… and waaay closer to the black ice deposits (tho with 50 encumbrance you can get like 16k of black ice in a run tho. The difficulty lies with the brimstone required for the steel you’ll need for the t3 structures. thats just a pain.

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