Screen Resolution Not Saving

Beardless Gents,

First, playing MYZ reminds me of the humor, the fun, the theme, the details, the polish of NOLF. Stellar work!

Second, on to my issue. Game is not saving my screen resolution and reverts back to 1440p when closed and re-started. I’ve tried all the settings I could find, including those in user profiles, no dice.
Please note that I am using VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) to up-sample 1440p to 2880p. Below are details to help with tracking this down;

  • Win10, 1909
  • AMD RX 5700 with 20.2.1 drivers
  • VSR enabled, 1440p up-sampled to 2880p
    ** Epic Store release
    ** Stock game (Seed of Evil DLC not yet purchased)
    ** Game version 1.08

Hopefully your team of ninja’s can track this down. Again, thanks for filling in the 16 year NOLF void in my soul.

All the best,

Edit: ‘**’ Additional information added.

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