Screenshot function broken?

It seems that neither install of SWL on my computer has been saving screenshots for several months; obviously, I can use other programs to save screenshots but I didn’t notice the problem until I took a screenshot and then looked for it in my screenshot folder…

The folders aren’t read only, and the last screenshots saved are from July. Any other ideas as to what might have been keeping it from saving images?

Any chance the screen shot key was unbound/rebound?


A side note, it still did the slight pause that usually accompanied the saving of a screenshot, which is why I never noticed until I looked for the actual file.

I checked the keybindings and it still seems to be bound to the same key. On a whim though, I cleared the binding and rebound it…

Weird. Dunno what caused the problem, but that seems to have fixed it.


So it prolly took the shot, considering the pause, but whatever works =).

It could be that I have a year of screenshots in some unknown folder somewhere, who knows? :man_shrugging:t2:

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you could try searching your computer for “Pinkhair”, as screenshots contain the character name as part of the file name? :thinking:

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They don’t seem to be anywhere. Shame, but at least it seems to be fixed now.

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