Secret to Golems?

So first time I decided to give golems a try as I had no interest in a Frankenstein creature. That said I thought ok try it. But wow, I gotta say they suck lol now I had just an iron axe arm but the dude went from 15k to 8k after 4 medium fights. Seems to me a level 3 thrall fully geared does way better. Though I’m not interested in these golems per se wow do they suck this bad? Or is there a trick to get these to perform a least adequately?

It seems as though while I want wights and skeles back for better Rp perspective these aren’t any better as some have argued

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It’s not that they’re necessarily “better”. Just different, which means they can fulfill different needs. They are another tool in your toolbox and depending on how you build them can come with some unique features like poison gas or a buff cloud.

Main thing to remember is your golem can’t heal. Level 3 thralls have what, 2k or 3k HP? They’d probably lose as much HP in those fights as the golem did, but they’ll heal in between. Golems can be more or less mass produced and don’t need training whereas those level 3 thralls, or any thrall really, must be captured, broken, trained and equipped. Golems are meant to be used until they break, then you build another one.

Also, don’t use them against enemies equipped with star metal weapons. Golems have a weakness to star metal and will crumble quickly if you send them at an enemy holding such a weapon.


Unfortunately much of siptah humans use star metal.
It’s a tool definitely. Interesting concept, and with the crystal pieces looks cool but they don’t provide much if any benefit.

Interesting concept so I give it a thumbs up for that but in practice I’d sooner have my wraiths and skeles back … adds more to the Rp aspect than Frankenstein

But thanks for the reply at least I know it’s nothing I’m doing wrong per se.

I’m enjoying many aspects that came with sorc … and especially the bazaar building stuff at least. Guess I’ll just park this one as a fail for me. Good thing I don’t have to worry about more room for another bench and building apparatus

THIS. you can make an army of these things in the same time it takes to tame 1 tier 4 named thrall. i killed a sorcerer once and it dropped THREE golem parts,on average sorcerers drop golem parts very frequently and if you go on a killing spree, you could gather enough parts to construct a small army in about an hour. Their combat ability being less than a thralls is the balance to this.

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Ya I’ve seen the parts drop but rarely the crystal is crept for torso and head seen those some. Maybe Siptah drop rate is worse not sure.

That said I guess my expectations of golems were misplaced. These are functioning as intended … cannon fodder that slowly die.

I like the crystal guardians look for Rp guards but I think I’ll stick to farming T4 thralls. I have dozens in chests super easy and with gear beasts … not to mention healing.

But anyway ok thanks now I understand the limitations of golems

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I dont know about siptah, but the Unnamed city bosses and the 1 skull Relic seekers in the Unnamed city (the big ones in the black armor) drop crystal golem parts, i farmed them to make mine cause 200 blood stone for each part from the guy at mek kemoses tower was not happening. I dont know if theres an equivalent place in siptah like the Unnamed city with a bunch of bosses and stuff.


I am on Siptah accidentally built our base close to the cave where you learn Sorcery plenty of body parts from the 2 nearby groups of Sorceress except for legs lotus burner is giving nice stats. Read recently fellow died with a skinning Golum following him skinned him and he lost all his stuff. Looking like. Mine is staying home.




Golems are munition.
Disposable for dungeons you may be worried about a bringing a real thrall into.
Perfect HP sponges for Purges.

And they maintain the lawn in the meantime.

There’s an Ikea commercial where sad music plays while an old lamp is left out in the rain.
“Many of you feel bad for this lamp. That is because you are crazy. It has no feelings, and the new one is much better.”
That’s how Golems are intended. Hastily constructed to perform drudgery and then die.
There’s even a head that’s actually a bomb that detonates as a parting gift.
Nothing screams born to die like having an ability to only triggers after being destroyed.

If this does not sit well with you, don’t make them.
Just leave the parts where they are and save some base space by skipping the assembly stations.

At the end of the day, whether they are worth the follower slot is a very personal question. The lotus burners can be very utile. The headlights are just a little too limited for this one’s tastes, but are still an excellent idea.

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