Testing golems vs Thralls and why golems needs a repair option

Thralls in the long run are the best. If you counting the best of the best of each. I am only going to count combat thralls to be fair.

Pros and cons of golems


  • Don’t have to level up.
  • Stone and Iron Golems are easier to get.
  • No Armor require to have armor.
  • Lots of health.
  • Iron and up has bigger inventory space.
  • Can farm for resources.


  • Times 8 weakness to all weapons made from star metal.
  • Golems respond and walking speed is slow.
  • Golems have fix damage.
  • Golems parts have fix armor.
  • Golems parts have fix health.
  • Best golem parts can’t be crafted.
  • No health regen.
  • Can’t repair golems.
  • Golems are melee damage only.
  • Golem harvesting is less effective than players.
  • Golem harvesting is base on their weapon or tool made from.
  • Golems lack range support.
  • Expensive to get.

Pros and Cons of Thralls.


  • Can be healed.
  • Has range support for players.
  • Doesn’t corrupt player when a thrall is converted.
  • Has perks to improve thralls.
  • Can use any weapon.
  • Can use any Armor.
  • No durability lost on weapon.
  • No durability lost on armor.
  • Entertainers can recover lost health.
  • Entertainers can remove corruption.
  • Weapons can be enchanted.
  • Armor can be enchanted.
  • T3 thralls spawn more common than T3 Golem parts.
  • Thralls are faster response and speed than Golems.
  • Better gear equals higher damage and armor.
  • Thralls gear doesn’t suffer from having lower durability from enchanting. This makes things like More armor penetration for less durability more useful to thralls.


  • Have to level them up.
  • Have to equip them.
  • Have to enchanted their gear.
  • Low health.

Golems are meant as help, so having them be more permanent and harvest would remove actually playing the game. They are a pve mechanic. Making them pvp oriented when pvp between players needs fixing first seems cart before the horse. If they are going to address a pvp need start with balancing perks and nerfing offline before adding another AI easy button for farming.


Did you read my post or did you just read the title? Golem lack range. They lack higher armor values. They aren’t changeable once created. They still cost you a thrall/pet spot. They can’t be repaired. Players harvested more resources than them. I’ve tested this. PVP players killing offline and pve with their healing nerfs. Healing stops if you move or are injured. The yellow lotus potion has a timer because pvp players cried it was op. Players change their builds instant was considered op.

Yes, but they are not meant as replavements for fighter thralls. They are your buddie who goes harvesting with you. Not pvp oriented.


Their low damage,slow speed and armor values makes them useless in pvp. They can’t be enchanted like thralls can. Repairing wouldn’t make them op. They are tools. Tools are made to be broken and repaired.

:point_up_2: That’s right, when golems run out of health, they break, so you put parts into the golem construction bench and make another, repaired.

Golems are meant to be tools but let’s not compare them to hand tools, they clearly aren’t hand tools, and I hope I never see a hand tool with 20k durability. I think golems are fine just as they are, if anything, it would be nice to see their AI slightly improved and their heath reduced.


or maybe add a way to mod thier tool to harvest more. and not pick up rocks and branches lol. Just mine and chop.


Little nitpick here, but:

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure about that. It seems like some weapons made with star metal do huge damage while others, well, not so much. Even among the weapons with “Star Metal” in their title.

Golems are a fun gimmick for a PvE environment. For that purpose, they work. They’re similar to the mass cull spell, I think: an alternative mode of gathering, that isn’t better, maybe even weaker, but interesting to play around with.

Also, they’re great for decoration.

Golems add another gameplay loop: kill sorcerers and bosses, get golen parts, build interesting golems.

I do, however, concur that some sort of buff would be possible without making them too strong. Especially their gathering skills could be improved, as they seem to have trouble finding resource nodes.

However… before we can make a final judgement on golems: There’s still some stuff to be discovered. I’ve seen golems regain health and even harvest stuff while not following me. Maybe bugs, but… well, I suppose that there’re still things to learn.

Some starters:

  • Do Cimmerians (who seem to wield star metal weapons) deal increased damage to golems?
  • Can the sulphur gas option be used to cheaply poison enemies while they cannot fight back?
  • What’s the best way to farm crystal golem parts?

If, for example, one figures out a way to easily get crystal golem pieces, that changes the dynamic a bit. I do have an idea, but haven’t tried it out yet. :wink:


They DO harvest stuff when On Guard. I’ve places 6 of them around my base (PVE official server). I’m running back and forth, and they gather stuff when this area is rendered (for me or for my neighbour living next to me). It’s not too much but it’s purely passive income from free stone and iron golem parts. They can even help to protect a base from Purge together wit other non-valuable Thralls and non-greater pets. But I definitely prefer a good Thrall with a good gear as my Follower (and a Mount to carry heavy things).

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Stone golems health 9k.

Iron Golems health 14k.

Crystalline golem 20k. Have to find. Can’t build.

T1 thralls easy to find.

T2 thralls easy to find.

T3 thralls easy to find.

T4 thralls each one is known where to find.

That might be adjusted later on for alchemy weapons. Stone golems less than 400 armor. Iron Golems less than 500 armor Crystalline golems less than 700 armor.

Yes star metal weapons wielded by npc thralls do x8 damage to golems. My crystalline golem took damage from the turtle.

Remember kills made by thralls who aren’t following you gets 0 exp. Entertainers and archers are a good combo. Give both bows and dagger to give them melee and range options.

By the way my dlc epic star metal version of long sword combined with master penetration is 50 damage and 19% armor penetration. Not scary at first. 50x8=400 damage. 10 thralls that is 4000 damage to a single golem. And that not counting their strength bonus. My heavy star metal version of the armor with master armor enchantment turns the heavy armor add to 1000 armor or more. Thralls suffer zero cons on lost durability for armors and weapons.

I’m entirely sure about that :slight_smile:
And we even posted an exact list of weapons that do this on the wiki, since the list is rather short and it’s not so much as “made from star metal during the crafting process”… but rather actual star metal weapons (or at least the ones that have the proper tag). As you can see not even the star metal short sword made the list but curiously a table leg did… (ofc the list does not contain any DLC reskins of these items as we cannot be sure of those, but hopefully they work as intended too)

Aside from this… I was actually pleasantly surprised reading this thread as it seemed like Lord Bryan made a fairly well put together thread that’s not completely unreasonable or a sarcastic dig against sorcery :slight_smile: It still fails to make a conclusion as to why these differences mean that golems should be able to be repaired, but it’s a nice comparison list.

Personally I have nothing against repairing golems, but only if the repair is a time consuming ritual you can only do at the golem bench and not a “smack it with a repair hammer instantly on the field”. I don’t think it would affect balance in that case and it would be more along the lines of people maintaining the follower they might have gotten “attached” to.


I was hoping you deactivate the golem and carry it to the bench for repairs. Let the wiki update. It might take a few patches for all star metal weapons.

Not all. Just the ones Funcom decided to flag as being star metal. You can see the full (and somewhat shorter than you might expect) list on the wiki.

These are the same point, you are repeating yourself to make the list longer.

These are the same point, you are repeating yourself to make the list longer.

Unlike some others, I think there could be some sort of middle ground between golems being easily lost and them just becoming a new variant of thralls.

20000 health looks pretty impressive at first, but take a golem out as an actual follower and that does not last very long at all. Increasing their health is not a good option, and adding some form of regeneration removes their uniqueness.

Repairing with a repair hammer I feel is heading in the right direction, but is still too easy. Putting them back into the Assembly Station and repairing them there is more like it, but perhaps not as simple as it sounds.

But perhaps the Workbench and Assembly Station could have an “aura” around them where bringing a golem within range of one would then allow the option of repairing them with a repair hammer.

Yes, one could set down an Assembly Station out in an open field to repair a golem without having to return to base, then pick the station back up when they are done, but that would necessitate carrying around 100 Iron and 100 Brick and they could only do it in a buildable zone.

I’m not sure this is the best solution either, but I feel like it is approaching something more reasonable than straight up regeneration or that golems are abnormally expensive and not particularly useful disposable tools.


Golems guard only at raid time. It’s not full pvp unless it is 24/7.

Health regen and being repaired are two different
things. One is auto passive healing of your health. The other would be fully repaired health. Like for instance repair kits and fully repair at crafting stations.

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