Secret worlds on console

Good day. This post is intended primarily for the developers/administration of the game and I hope it will not be ignored. Since the start of the game, and this is 2012, not a little time has passed. At the very beginning, when the game was in alpha and beta testing, you were already asked a question about the release of the game on consoles, but then you said that this is a complex and long process and will return to the discussion of this issue after the launch of the PC version. In 2017, the game was relaunched and at regular interviews you were again asked a question, as many were interested in the topic of the release, then The Secret World, and now Secret World Legends, on consoles, but the answer was the same. In total, about 8 years have passed, but nothing has changed. Hence my question. The console market is very huge, consoles are sold in many millions of copies, and this is for a minute, not 1 or even 10 million, but much more, MMO games on them are not so much, developers have just started to look in this direction and did not lose, the demand is great online… So why don’t you want to consider this option? I like many people played your project, followed the development of Secret World, but at some point I had to switch from the PC to the console and was very sorry that I could not continue playing it. Summing up all of the above, I want to ask you a question, so that as they say, there was a full understanding, and many, I think it will also be interesting to find out whether the game will see the light on consoles or not?

Are consoles the smaller boxes with game playing capabilities? Playing station is one I cant remember the other.

From what I have read, I don’t think that there have been any moves to get the Dreamworld engine that SWL uses to work on console. I will look around to see if I can find any “official” comments to that effect.

According to the CE wiki, more recent works like Conan Exiles, etc., have used Dreamworld for development and tooling at the back-end, so deployments can be targeted cross-platform (using unreal engine, for example).

That approach would require an inordinate amount of work for older games, and not be too likely to pay off for Funcom.

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The engine doesn’t run on consoles and making it run on consoles would be too much work. Porting the game to an engine that does run on consoles would also be too much work :v:

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Considering the general advice for swl to run more stable is to use old nvidia drivers, I’d assume to run swl on a console, you would need a playstation 1.

It’s a pity if you really can’t transfer the game to the console. It is really interesting and there are very, very few such games.

Can’t we count on the fingers of one hand the number of crossplatform MMOs?

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Gotta get them PCs then.

@Trichelieu If you list 'em, I’ll count 'em.

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If they had rescheduled the game or even started this work, then there would have been every chance of a payback. I repeat, there are very few MMO projects on consoles now, and people simply do not have anything to choose from, and such a game would clearly have had success and would easily have sold out on the principle of Pay to Play.

In order to take a really worthwhile PC, I will need to spend about 3 thousand dollars. I’m not ready for this yet, and I’m already used to the console.

That’s a pity.

I mean… There’s a reason SWL is NOT P2P, unlike TSW…
Not to mention a console and a decent PC are actually roughly the same price, with the PC having higher specs for the same cost, in my experience.

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I would posit one could make a worthwhile gaming PC for under $700 today. This isn’t the heady days of new hardware only squeezing out an additional 10 MHz of performance for a $200 markup.

As for porting the game it’s extremely unlikely from my perspective. It would take as much time and money as creating an all new game without the benefits of having an all new game. Secret World Legends v3.0 being fully recreated in Unreal could happen in theory but I wouldn’t expect it.

I’m going to mug Elon Musk and then we’ll see some progress on this front :v:

That’s one way to go about it. Hah

Forget it. Tencent owns their ■■■■■ now.

If someone was bringing Musk money to the table I’m sure they would at least have a meeting about it.