Seeking Info on finding QL item to the correct Dyna Boss level range

Hello AO community.

As the title suggests. What Dyna boss level should I be tracking down for 140 - 160 QL items that only come from Dyna Bosses? When slaying Dyna Bosses that are 140 - 160 level range then the QL items dropped have been much higher in QL than the Dyna boss level. I figured there would be a +/- 10 level variance on items but its been hard pinning down which level range to track down.

This all started while trying to find either one OT Hurler or OT Hurler Factotum.

I do not mind doing the grind time. I would like to be grinding the right Dyna boss level range for a chance of the drop. /smiles Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

From my personal experience, ql of items which can drop are within +/-20% of the mob’s level. so a level 90 mob can drop ql 72-108 items. This probably varies from mob to mob but it is a good general rule of thumb. therefore a level 150 mob can drop a wide range of ql’s from 120-180. If you are experiencing mostly higher ql items compared to mob level its probably due to a low sample size because dynas can certainly drop lower ql items.

I discovered the +/-20% rule while hunting metallic mantis armor parts after gathering about a dozen backpacks of deformed mantis parts. It’s very possible it could be different for mobs outside of instances or dynas specifically but I think its fairly accurate.

edit: assuming this is correct, for a ql 140-150 item, you would want to kill any dyna between levels 117 and 188.

Thanks for the reply. I will get out later and hope the AO gods are kind on the drops.

You’re right, for ordinary RK mobs in solo and team missions the drop range is +/- 10 level. The +/-10 rule applies to when rolling ordinary nano crystals, gear, etc. with Clicksaver. Never a +/-20 level rule. Never.

The +/- 10 rule generally applies to unnamed outdoor mobs dropping non-unique items, too. But dyna bosses dropping “named” single QL weapons? The level rule narrows.


I know this next bit isn’t exactly what you’re looking for…

Here’s an RK mission example - you’ll need to roll L58 RK team missions to get a L60 team mission boss if trying to farm a soft or hard shape armor disc. They never drop from anything but that mob level. RK team mission bosses are either 1 or 2 levels above the rolled team mission level - usually 2 levels unless you’re rolling really low level team missions.

I’ve looted GA4 discs from ordinary RK mission mobs in the +/-10 level range of the GA4 disc (last was from a deranged slayerdroid). Never +/- 20 level range. And never outdoors.

I think you’ll need to narrow dyna boss levels, then again, if few people are farming dyna camps you might as well kill everything in the zone.

Wait. Slightly confused. There is a level offset when doing team missions than the level range for missions? For example, L 100: Team 73-138 | PvP 79-126 | 1590300 XP | Missions 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 150, 179. (source)

In this range, I thought we just need to move the mission difficulty slider to 150. This is not the case. To get QL150 item drops then I need to do difficulty 150? Sorry for the confusion, and any help here would be greatly appreciated understanding how this offset works to find QL items.

once again you have shown that you cant read and that you don’t know what you are talking about. please stop trying to give advice on stuff because you never have the correct answer and are always misleading and confusing people.

I was following along to find a QL 150 item then do Dyna bosses within X to Y range. Then the team mission offset was confusing when clicksaver uses the difficulty slider to roll for QL item or nanos. I tossed my hands in the air, and will pay one billion credits for the item; IF it ever hits the GMI.