Seems pet system is tacked onto the thrall system

Was there a reason it could not be done separately instead of being buckled up to the thralls?

Or was this the best solution which allowed it to be rushed out to us?

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I think is because the thrall system is working so well, without a problem, the AI is so advanced and everything is so smooth, they figured: let’s build a brand new dlc over this flawless system, it should run like a charm
:Brace for impact:


I passed coffee through my nose while laughing so hard while reading that. You are the reason my sinuses are burning hurt because they got coffee purged :triumph:


First off: You’re not wrong.

But - what I think a lot of people respond somewhat negatively to (and I am among those) is the feeling that the Thrall system is… maybe not broken as such, but severely limited and still quite buggy (my defensive thralls STILL do not activate every time unless I’m there to get hit in front of them). And then seeing a significant amount of development resources being spent building on top of this system.

It’s like… building a castle on an unstable foundation, and then hoping you can fix the foundation after you move in…
(because there's no point that can't be made stronger by a Monty Python quote. Fact.)

So what I think most people would’ve preferred to see is the system we have (Thralls) being fixed before being expanded upon. Because, to go with the story above, we’re afraid we won’t ever get to “the fourth castle”.

Now, I acknowledge that Funcom probably knows this - and decided to do what they did anyway. Probably because they feel it’s the best thing to do on balance (why would they do anything else?) and hell, they might well be right - they know the underlying statistics and the all-important bottom line better than we do, after all.

But it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see disappointment from existing customers when marketable new features (pet system) are prioritized over fixing the current ones.



Leveling, training, look at them grow, give this game a bit of long term playability… mmm i don’t know, anything beyond putting them in a cage (wheel) and wait?


But you know what, I am gonna buy the pet DLC as well !
Not because I think will be cool or …working at all, but because I hope they will use these funds to fix the bloody screen bug or, I don’t know, the heavy breathing loop, or maybe (yeah I know, I am terribly optimistic on this one) have less of our gear, thralls and buildings vanishing from the game for no reason.

I thought pets were a free DLC.

Really ? omg then we are really xxxxxxx

Yeah man, the pet system is free content.

My biggest issue with this new system will be the lag issues. PVP is already a terrible mess if your fighting another clan near a base…players seeming to teleport around, getting hit when clearly no one is around you…now add thralls and/or pets that will do the same. Its going to turn into who can spam the most defensive pets/thralls instead of actual combat.

Also, make it so you can attack in water again. Its total BS that people just run into water to escape.


Because pets and thralls are essentially the same thing to a programmer. It’s only natural for them to be tied together.

“I passed coffee through my nose while laughing so hard while reading that. You are the reason my sinuses are burning hurt because they got coffee purged :triumph:”

Did you happen to get a t4 Blacksmith that can make legendary repair kits in that coffee purge?

Complaining about a free update? I’m so lost on that one. There are more DLC’s coming if you are that worried about it. Cosmetic based, as Funcom has said on record that DLC’s will only be cosmetic based and any feature update like pets will be free.

I wish lol.

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Maybe NesCafe should do a limited edition promotion of CE. “Derketo Lungo” A blend of pure and lightly roasted Arabicas from the Swungle, Derketo reveals sweet and biscuity flavors, reinforced by a little death and a fruity note."

Inside would be a code for a legendary blacksmith: Djuor’g Kluenee

The advert would depict Stone Spear peacefully savoring a sip of Derketo while browsing the Conan Exiles forums, then suddenly he snickers, then chokes and black coffee comes running out of his nostrils, eyes wide and falling off the chair.

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Lol give this game long term playability? Ive been playing since march. This game comes between marriages and bathing its so engrossing hahaha! For moral reasons and technical limitations this game can only get so close to being a virtual reality world that completely replaces ACTUAL REALITY!

And let me apologize in advance if I offend someone, for that isn’t what im trying here. When im overly inspired by the game i go hiking or hunting. If you want more out of a pet, maybe get a pet?

Great game, I can’t believe how much you can get out of it! Also, if you haven’t already, read the conan books. The game beautifully translates much from them and incorperates it into the world

I have been playing since day one of EA. And I’m stilll searching something in the game beyond grinding and repeating same mechanisms with different skins and biomes. And thank you for your interest but I have already a pet. Now let me give you an advice in return: low down this moral superiority of yours. It’s cool and easy behind a keyboard, but it can give you serious problems IRL.

Apology accepted.

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Lol moral superiority? Sure, im Superior in more ways than morals but thats not my point. What would you prefer the game be? Maybe sign up for they’re design team, i saw they are hiring. Dont be insulted by my criticism, be inspired! I can’t do better than Funcom, but maybe you can!

I like your profile picture

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