Selma's Tree Hugger ability crashing to DT

Hi guys…love the game. Have about 5 hours played now. The only bug I seem to be having is when I try to use Selma’s Tree Hugger mutation it causes the game to crash to desktop about 70% of the time.

Computer info:
Intel core I7 3770K
Sabertooth Z77 board
DDr3 16G
Nividea Gforce GTX 980 Vid card

Don’t know what else to add. I have been sending the crash reports in


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This is happening to me as well

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me too, still no fix???

Hello @glenben, the team is aware that this issue persists and has been poked to look into it!

Good to hear, forget my other response, then. And thank you.

@ Dini: I got along well with first using shoot and then switch to Treehugger ability, in my newest run this also stopped working, though.

Just want to report this is happening to me too now - it didn’t before so I can only assume the bug was reintroduced with the latest patch.

I am on Microsoft Gamepass on PC - which was unplayable before due to accessing cloud saves - if that helps at all.