Tree Hugger Crash

so everytime i click ob tree hugger ability, the game crashes to desktop.
GOG Version

Ditto. It is VERY annoying. I’ve noticed it at random times, not just the first time after restoring a save. Sometimes it won’t do it but more times than not it’ll crash.

i can reproduce it every time, only workaround ist to first switch to 2 (weapon) and then to tree hugger per 8 - but it only works 50% of times

Hello @glenben, thank you for your submission!

We’ve forwarded this information to the developers, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you come across any further issues.

i read about that bug since dez 18 and still no fix … hmm… no much hope

Some issues may be trickier than others to fully eliminate, but we’ll make to poke the developers so that this one is given another look!

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