Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud versus Assassin's Grin

I don’t undestand something :
I know that Weird Looking Nano are rare, we can loot them in box en SL dongeon.

Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud) is a target nano (sold, agent, fix) and add dam : +40
This is the best “Damage Buffs - Line A” buff so we can’t buff a target with other nano of this nanoline.

Assassin’s Grin (rollable, target, agent nano) is the REAL best buff of this line : add dam +45.

Why people continue to use it : i can’t ninja buff other players in Tara (i’m agent) ? Why people still sell Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud) ?
I understand that all people haven’t got a pocket agent… but this weird nano is quite useless, right ?

I’ve got a suggestion : just change buff (weird nano : +45 and assasin grin : +40).
I will nead to buy it ^^, but i think it’s more consistent.

If i make a mistake, tell me :wink:

This does indeed look like a bug. They’re both in the same stacking line ( Damage Buffs - Line A (4))

Improved Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud buffs +40 and has stacking order of 55

Assassin’s Grin buffs +45 and has a stacking order of 43.

It looks like when they upped the buff from 19 to 45 in patch 18.7.0 (see: Assassin’s Grin (18.5.3)), they forgot to change the stacking order.