[Mission] Mob pulling , New Way

Most have been a recent change with how agro works, but a couple nanos when used will only agro the target even if all in the area do social agro.

The nano’s to use: blind, calm (if fails), skill drain, defense reduction, init nerf.
Notice all the above do no point of HP dmg.

So no more standing and waiting for a target to notice you.

Or just the aggression enhancer.

Kinda miss the old days of body pulls and dealing with screwups.


Yeah, the Aggression Enhancer really was a game changer for me when I found out about it. As the description says: “[A] nifty little item” :slight_smile:

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Aggression enhancer can “needle in a haystack” pull any mob in line of sight no matter how many are near it.
A quality 1 is all you’ll ever need.
Target mob and right click from inv, or put it on a hot bar.

and not only that but the distance it can pull is amazing to me.

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