[Nano] Soothing Calm doesn't work in VisualProfession

The Nanoprogramm " Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Soothing Calm)" can be uploaded to the Nano-Interface as Agent in “Mimic Profession: Bureaucrat” but the Nano won’t be useable.
Error Message: This effect can only be utilitized by Bureaucrat.

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Casting “Mimic Profession: Bureaucrat”
  2. Upload the Nano Programm “Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Soothing Calm)”
  3. Casting “Soothing Calm”
  4. Error “Message This effect can only be utilitized by Bureaucrat.”

Additional Information
Tested on a 220 Agent.
From my point of view, it should be useable because the Nano by itself got the flag
“Self VisualProfession==Bureaucrat” and can be uploaded into the Nano-Interfance.

Cheers, Hekthor

If you go to Bureaucrat - Nano Listings - Anarchy Online Items Database (or any class) and check the “I’m an Agent with FP” check box it will show which nano’s do not work with FP Agent by greying them out.
In this particular line the highest nano usable by Agent is Nano Restoration Escalation

Both Bot Reproduction
and Soothing Calm Are greyed out

I suspect Hekthor knows how to find FPable nanos. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump for annoying inconsistency as old as time.

Yes and this is a bug in my view.
The NanoProgramm is flagged with “Self VisualProfession==Bureaucrat”
and you can upload it to the Nano-Interface. But then you can’t use it.

I have this Nano in my Nano-Interface, but i can’t use it. So 500m waste.

All other Nano’s who are not useable cannot be loaded into the nano-interface either.

The description on AOitems for soothing calm says :-
Profession==Bureaucrat (For Soothing calm)
I think the bug/confusion is due to the nano (weird looking soothing calm) is actually a tradeskill item and the resultant nano program is not.

When you right click “weird looking nano soothing calm” it’s actually a tradeskill process that puts the nano into your nano listings, but the nano program it makes is Profession==Bureaucrat even though the item you start with isn’t proff locked.

Daft really.