[ADVENTURER] Charm Nanos


As FC has changed so many Nanos for the ADV, why didn’t they changed the “LEET-Friend” line to a useable charm line? I made my peace with the changes BUT: I would like to charm Monsters (no humans, no robots) outdoors and/or in Missions. Self in polymorphed form of course.
That would give the Adventurers Statue in Jobe a correct interpretation.
I’m not an expert but a change to something like the stated would be fine.

just as an example, don’t know if i took all correctly:
Soleet Friend (familiar leet) :
Target Psychic<= 400
Target Breed == HumanMonster
Self Have no other charm pets.
Self Level>=145
Self Sensory Impr>=661
Self Psycho Modi>=661
Self Bio Metamor>=732
Self Profession == Adventurer
(Self Playfield type is not Indoors)

Target Temporarily change PetReq1 to None
Target Temporarily change PetReq2 to 129
Target Temporarily change PetReq3 to 122
Target Temporarily change PetReqVal1 to 731
Target Temporarily change PetReqVal2 to 660
Target Temporarily change PetReqVal3 to 660
Target Charm.
Target Float text: I luv j00!

the lower ones equivalent then.
New names e.g.:
tamed leet
friend leet
companion leet
familiar leet

I wrote the outdoor spec in brackets because it would also be fine to charm Monster pets indoors :slight_smile: but there must be a regulation to differ from Crat nanos.



Put in a summon leet nano like carlita/carlo just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for extra comedy give it 12 weapons but they all hit 1-1. :smiley:


with the current leet charms you will have you opponent down in est. 6 hrs… ^^ If they land a hit…
but seriously, i would love to see these nanos changed.