Serious PS4 Pro lag issue

So it doesn’t matter if I’m on an official server or not I have a serious lag on my new PS4 Pro. Maybe it’s just a setting I am unsure. Hopefully, someone can help. Here is a video I made so people can see what I mean.

Game mode: [Online | PVE
Problem: Performance
Region:the entire game

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Sorry about the audio voice over being so quiet I never made one before.

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The rubber banding is an issue that’s cropped up in the last patch a week ago. That’s supposed to be addressed shortly.

However, you will want to check and see if your Pro is set for Boost Mode. It’s in the settings. I had it turned off until the December patch, but I turned it back on. It helps quite a bit on the PvE server, but I noticed the PvP seemed to run smoother without it. You will want to experiment a bit to see which works for you.


Also, you need to call Lian’s Lawns to mow your house.


Lol Thanks I’m still a noob. Been playing for just over 6 months. Can’t figure out how to raise that first foundation so I went with it.

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In the corner of the screen are build options. Press Triangle, and you can raise and lower that first one. For whatever reason, we can’t adjust subsequent foundations, although I have tried many times.

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So yea it was off but I turned it on just to see the difference. WOW so much worse. Switched it back but yea it sucks.

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This is exactly how we experience the game the last week, it is impossible to play, thanks for the video :+1:

Hello @crusherfish, as it has been mentioned the rubberbanding issue is going to be addressed as soon as possible in an upcoming hotfix.

Regarding the lag issues, is your console connected through a wireless or wired connection?
We’d advise having it wired to ensure maximum stability.

The rubberbanding is the Lag I speak of thank you.

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