SERIOUSE Server Issue!

Ok, so i host a server through GTX gaming. I have a couple important questions regard some of the settings.
We are a PVE server but we want to setup Time-Restricted PVP for the weekends. Every time i enable it, it does nothing. A Restart does nothing…it does not WORK. So how the hell do we get it to work???

ANOTHER thing. BANNING players…DOES NOT WORK! Repeatedly i used the admin panel to ban a player only to have him repeatedly come right back in and talk crap again…

ALSO, Please someone explain the DECAY system…i need to have players small bases decay in like a 2 day MAX time!

Hello??? A little help please?

I am really starting to get frustrated…


please be Patient. They have said that the decay System is not yet in full place and are beeing worked on . As you can imagine it makes no sense wasting time making a guide on something that is Topic to Change.

why are you doing a PVE server if it’s for PVP, maybe do a PVP one if you want to enable player / structure dammage

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Sounds like you should be hosting a PvP server with the time restrictions you want. By setting it to PvE in the first instance you are turning off ALL PvP actions.

I too need some clarification on how the decay is meant to work, but appreciate that it’s still being built so no-one knows yet.

I mean just from your own description of the situation it doesn’t sound like there’s an issue. You need to re-make the server as pvp and set up time restrictions. You can’t enable something that is hard-disabled.

Export your database and see if it can re-upload into a new server with pvp set up. If not, just make a fresh server.

I’d like to get some more information from you about your server. Please give us the server name, and tell us what times and days you have specified for Time-Restrict PvP. You can contact us at if you don’t wish to disclose this information in the forums.

As for being unable to ban players, we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. We will have to wait for an update to see a solution there.

As for building decay, there is no short answer here. The amount of time a structure will last depends on the tier of that building. Buildings with a higher tier will have a higher decay rate. The timer for a building to be abandoned only begins when the building owner has not been nearby for 1 hour. You can disable building abandonment completely under server settings. You could also increase the decay multiplier to experiment with the decay times of various structures. I hope this information helps.