Seriously, Turn on Offline Raid Protection already

They announced that the Offline Raid protection would be turned on on all Official Servers. I even saved the post from Funcom. I was so happy.

The game launches…and it’s not turned on. The same Toxic behavior that killed servers remains. I’m all for PVP and attacking other bases don’t get me wrong, but let’s give people a fighting chance. There is absolutely NO CHANCE to protect your base when someone has hundreds of bombs and an unlimited time to leisurely blow their way through.

Having it off also encourages spamming of material to hinder people and waste as many bombs as possible. It’s the only way to give any type of protection when you’re offline since you can’t defend yourself.


Hate hearing s*** like this (offline warriors/undermeshers) I’m in the process of letting go of offline play not looking to join a clan but sometimes ya can use a psychopath. Lol


Dude, I was on for 6 hours today, just farming and building Flotsom…tier ONE…Server crashed, I couldn’t get back on and then it was dinner time…Came back on…Three foundations left.

I mean, come on. This is ridiculous. Offlining is NOT PVP. It’s a game play without skill. And to top it off…it was Tier 1 LOL.

Turn offline raiding protection on!


I’d have to dig around for the quote (don’t remember if it was said on the forums, during the reddit QA, or one of the dev streams), and it’s too hard to do from phone, and i can’t easily access my computer for awhile.

But I believe they said they intend to turn it on once some discovered exploitive behavior is addressed. Or something along those lines. I think, if I’m remembering right, turning it on led to exploits, so they had to pause the roll out until those could be dealt with. Possibly some other issues that I don’t remember.


If that’s the case, I get it but I hope they get to it before the servers get wiped and become a graveyard again. A fighting chance is all I ask…you know what I mean?

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I fighting chance exactly

I dont care if im raided once im online at all, even so if im not even near my base, but out in the world.

But being offline raided has the same feel to it as if my base goes on instant decay as I log out, where a player would just be able to go & demolish my building.


EXACTLY! And I love responses from messaging the offline raiders. “Go play PVE or this is a PVP server” silly responses like that.

My reply is usually like. “Oh yeah, what player did you fight? Cause PVP is player vrs player not player versus indefensible base ( since we don’t truly have defenses in Conan)

NO BASE is defendable when someone has enough time and bombs and no one to fight back. And let’s face it, thralls are only decent when you have them following. Otherwise they are sitting ducks.

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Out of all the times I have been raided over the last year, I only have been online raided once, just one time.

It must be time for offline protection. The trend is clear.


The thing is, that is how weak some of these players are…and they seem to think they’re good “PVP” players. ROFLOL.

Weak players do two things. Offline Raid and attack lower level players. I mean what fun is there in attacking something that provides no challenge or resistance. Most offline raided bases don’t even have thralls. Lol.

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I wonder what type of exploit they could possibly have with it? I’m being genuinely curious.

Also, I hope they get it worked out fast before the few a-holes empty out servers and kill the game off again. My exile servers were literally me and one other person all day. I don’t want the same to happen here. I’m loving everything else about Siptah. Been a lot of fun so far. Well, up until offline wiping that is.

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Are you communicating in Global? Are you building in the Noob Oasis area? If the above are true, then this wiping is unusual but not unheard of. My friends say the same thing, sorta, but this is what I say: until you’ve got a 60, and a cache or castle, you’re a soft-shelled crab. Move and rebuild, Exile!!

Enemies could simply stay offline during Raid to frustrate your impending attack.

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I remember reading something along the lines of what multigun said read to many things to recall where.

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This offline raiding protection can and will be abused.

For example very easy with 2 accounts (one account for building the main base, never online during raid time, the other account for raid time who can store farming or loot for the second account).

And some players will find even more ways to abuse the system …


Offline raid protection doesn’t work like that. With OLRP there are NO raid times. If you’re on the server, you can be raided. So your abuse idea won’t protect them from anything.

What’s the worse thing to happen to the raider? S/he runs out of fiber rolls.

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Lol that could ONLY happen if someone was online to attack the bedrolls. But I get the point. Offline raiders have no risk at all. Except being at risk of over encumbrance.

Again, offline raid protection doesn’t work like that. There are no raid times with offline raid protection. If you’re on the server you are fair game.

All it does is protect you from being wiped when there is no way to protect yourself. When you’re on…you need to be ready to defend yourself.

In other words it creates an ACTUAL PVP environment. Going to eat or work should NOT cause you to loose everything.

Again, player versus PLAYER is NOT attacking something that cannot defend itself. To PVP you need…get ready…another PLAYER. A foundation does not count as a player for those who are confused.

You don’t need to be snarky man, I gotta sleep too. That doesn’t stop me from understanding the risks. In PvP Conan, if you make it to 60 with anything to your name, be happy. And if at that point you haven’t yet been killed, don’t get sloppy.

Why would I do that? its suicide. :smiley: I wont even tell u what I do in here as that would only increase my chances of getting raided in here. Better safe than sorry. Yet. It still happens.

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This is exactly the reason why we discuss it before taking action. imo isn’t that what we are bringing to the forums? Ideas & improvements. I get it. Alot of people are abusing the systems in the game sadly. in a perfect world I guess we all just wanna build our castles & go to war. But some players wont allow that joy for others. Which again is PVP - winning is winning.

But no one says this has to finalize & fall onto ur server. I think bringing ideas on how it could work rather than nay say it is a much better approach. Bring ur justice & lets work the problems out. I think by far u gave one of the better feedbacks on what to look for when considering an idea like this, but one of the worst replies when it comes to adding stuff to the game.