Offline Raiding

Let me start out by saying.

this game is awesome! I think we can all agree on this.

But I think, for me who has always been playing on PVP server I think offline raiding suck.

I play alot of Solo & in the past I played heavily in Clans
I often find myself running into the issue of getting offline raided and by no means I am not building stuff out of Sandstone nor am I building obviously & easy to raid.

I dont want offline raiding to disappear but I think by adding a few systems to the game could actually help players to stay on a realm & to prevent some toxicity in chat.

Lets create a few scenarios:
U have been offline for 1 day. Raid Prot activated.
U log off 1-4 Hours before raid time (u have to work or somthing) raid immune.
You are online (+ Clan members) 1 or two clan members decide to log out, with some remaining online. U can still be Raided. If however all clan members decide to log off & during raidtime. Maybe even while being raided the base is still raidable 1-2 Hours after logging out.
Ur clan & u decided to have a off-day trusting the raid immunity. 1 of u decides to log in during this day & during raid time - Allows for other players to start raid ur base incase they wanted to.

This could be a scale system in the new Improved admin panel I have been suggesting thru one of my previous threads in here :slight_smile:
What’s Next for Conan Exiles - Conan Exiles / General Discussion - Funcom Forums

as I went to the forums I also found this thread
Seriously, Turn on Offline Raid Protection already - Conan Exiles / General Discussion - Funcom Forums

thinking to myself I am not alone in this fight.

Let me hear your thoughts :slight_smile:

Funcom already has a system like this. I think it’s called “dynamic building damage”.

I would go with a different approach. But first the system would need to be changed. There needs to be some kind of item that would determine your base. The bed for example. Everything that is connected to your bed (and connected to the foundations that are connected to your bed) would be considered as base. You can then go to your bed and select “Pack base”. This will effectively log out your whole base, but the land claim remains (to prevent others from building over it).

This packing option is obviously not available until after 30 minutes of the last damage done to it. While your base is “logged out” you can’t access it’s resources, but it also can’t get raided.

A building piece limit and radius would also be good here, so you can’t claim the whole map with a logged out base.

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That is one very good way I do find my self agree w alot of ur points.

Just to understand u even futher if a clan has this "all beds from every clan member must be picked up before allowing for packing."

are we at a commen understanding? :slight_smile:

Well, the beds would automatically get logged out too. And clan members with rank 3 or clan lead should be able to do that IMO.

The question is, should it be allowed to spawn at a logged out base? I think not, since it’s not really existing.

If there were a PvP-oriented Battle Standard, we could potentially place this thing down on one property. This could be set, theoretically, to “bubble around” a small area and afford Offline Protection. However, if the invader is able to penetrate the building, he can destroy the Battle Standard and thereby make the base destructible.

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Also a very good suggestion imo :slight_smile:

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There is no offline raiding.

There is raiding during raid times on PVP servers that are already 80% PVE-C servers! (5/24h).

Look at the real world, you are not at home so no one can break into your house and stole your things?

You play pPVP, you know what to expect. Else go play PVE.

Bring back 100% PVP servers with monthly wipe!


Its just sad if I spend loads of days, if not weeks getting my base up to run as a solo & have it all taken away while I am working a job everytime with no chance to atleast get some PvP out of it.

I understand, but go play PVE if you are not able to play PVP because of your job and do ask to change the PVP servers settings.

I play solo too, the only chance you have on PVP servers is to build small and hide. Else you will be wiped.

There are plenty of servers, we can have both :slight_smile:

Personally I’d play on a server that would have some sort of raid protection system. Which is why I usually go for private servers.

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Seriously the dumbest response I hear from people. It’s called Player vrs PLAYER not player vrs defenseless base.

If you want to PVP, let’s go! However, attacking and destroying something that can’t fight back is NOT PVP. That’s just a weak player acting like a tough guy because they can’t do it against a live PLAYER.

When I’m on, feel free. Come at me bro. Then we will see PVP otherwise it’s just a small feeble person with no self worth that attacks the defenseless to feel like they accomplished something. It’s the gamer version of being a wife beater. Only tough enough to attack the weak and defenseless.

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I do exactly the same

multiple bases & small. I still have the issue I recently started to play without a base.

Incase u missed that on the other offline raiding thread that has recently been created.

Problem with PVE / PVE-C servers.
PVE = U cannot kill players mostly. Not even especially take their loot.
PVE-C = U cannot raid. U can wait for bases to decay if u cheeky.
Both fits no play style of mine. I farm everything by my self & I go to raid with 300 bombs. Easy as is. But I get my loot taken everytime I have a day off the game?

I am very good staying low key on a server. U most wont even notice me unless I raid u or I meet u. I make small alliances but with no clan. I trade I help newcomers. And I still find myself offline raided over & over again. How funny it has never been by any of those who I have traded or helped. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have been online raided with 3k hours. Minus from the time I used to play in Clans.

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Exactly the reaon behind a thread like this.

i love u

I have suggested countless times that funcom should consider to recreate some of the Official servers but ofcourse maintain some as they are. But recreate some with the settings that are for another audiance. Considering what we are currently talking as one of the the new raising servers.

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Keep the tone mate its not about who has the bigger muscles but rather come with ideas on how u want it implanted with.

@Selene01 has given good reason behind how the system can be abused

maybe we should consider the idea & think of ways it could be abused in order to make funcom aware what to consider if they were to implament a system as we are requesting brother

Raiding and defending is completely unbalanced.

  • Thralls are too strong, building abuse with stacking of fence foundations (sometimes 30 layers!) …
  • Building are too weak (without abuse).
  • Mix of PVP and PVE players on PVP servers that are 80% PVE-C servers …
  • Servers are never wiped.

The entire system must be review, but adding the offline raiding protection in top of that is not the way to go.

I have to go, it is raid time :slight_smile:

(I am the raider)

A possible solution would be to have a lesser version of a god protection, much easier to farm for. It wouldn’t be a bubble but a lock on a container (chest, vault etc.). This would give the container a significant boost to hit points while you are online (e.g. 2x more hp) and the container would either be indestructible while you are offline or have a much higher hit point boost (e.g. 10-20x more hp).

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What i like in this feedback is that u automatically adds that stuff shouldn’t be for free but the protection should require farming.

Already here i must admit u came up with a very good idea. Not a final solution but a very solid solution i could see applied if funcom couldn’t come up with anything better.

Keep it up, B

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