Serpent pillar tops - Put me out of my misery please

Recently returned to the game. Looking at the screenshots when the taverns came out, I can see some great pillars with large Serpent tops. I can’t find these anywhere. I own all the DLC’s. Maybe there was a Bazaar sold Tavern set? It’s not in the Yamatau Tavern set, unless I am going blind.

I can’t actually see any pillar tops I can build, so I am starting to wonder if I have not unlocked a specific Knowledge item…

Any help appreciated!

I have these viking pillars at my base that were just drops from the viking people (im drawing a blank on the actual name of them) I have learned every recipe, and i cannot make these at my artist table, ive only ever found them in chests at the viking camp. So those serpent pillars may be the same, volcano drops maybe?

Screen cap would be helpful.
You unlock the nordhiemer totems just outside the frost temple. At the totem there.

There have also been quite a few bazaar construction set add-ons.

There are also MODS, which include such.
A picture or link would be helpful.

Sorry I didn’t link a picture before because I was struggling to get the link to work, but it seems OK now. Touch wood.

Its the pillars and walls in the screen shot. I don’t think they are a mod as its from the official release announcement. But could be a bazaar pack maybe?

Thanks a lot all for replying.

Aesir Stronghold Set (Knowledge) → Bazaar

Thats it! Thanks very much for your time. I will now just have to wait a wet age for it to come back on the Bazaar :slight_smile:

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