Server #1099 Disconnects every ~1 hour


As the title Descirebes there is a problem on the official PVP server #1099 , where the server restarts approximately every 1 hour.

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Welcome @Pandorra,

Was there any lag before the server disconnected? Is it still happening today (after the usual server restart)?

Its happening since a few days every couple hours. I already send ignasis a lot proofs about the state on 1099. A whole message including meshers, exploiters, server outages. @Hugo @Ignasi
Thx for help

Official servers are very laggy right now. I stopped playing on official servers because of the lag. You’re welcome to come join me on my server of darksun PVP with no building damage. And most importantly zero lag. I need some people to come kill me on a daily basis. The game just isn’t fun without tons of people trying to hunt you down.

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