Server 1932 down on and off for a week,Ping so high unable to log into it been down for 12+ hours

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: ] Server down and Crashes
Server type: PVP
Region: America

Server 1932 has been getting ping 1020 on and off for over a week now and was once down for over 24 hours and now is down for 12+ hours again. :frowning:

i confirm; server has been down for 48 h this last week end. and it is again down due to ddos (impossible to join) for now 36h+

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Have you submitted a support ticket through G-Portal yet?

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Yes multiple people have and I have at least three times everytime it is down. It is now over 24 hours.

Still down. No one can access.

Really hoping that it will be brought back up before decay timer hits everyone :frowning:

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