Server 2585 PvE

Game mode: [Online |PVE
Region:New Asgarth

Logged off cause buildiing would not render in. When i logged back i was dead standing next to my grave marker but could not access my grave and the building was still not rendered in. I took a video clip to show you all
When i tried to move around the area i kept teleport back to my grave. A member of my clan tried to login to get my stuff you can see their body stand up but the server would not let them login i want my stuff back can you help

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @kazorvey, thank you for reaching out but, unfortunately, we’re unable to assist with the restoration of items.

Did you get any messages in your Event Log?

Could you please share the video of the issue and any additional details that might assist us in reproducing it?

Video shared

Where did you share the video to?

If you’re unable to post if, feel free to sent it through DM / PM.

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