Server crashing 1650

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Attacked a base with 20k plus parts in it. Cast a yog, caster gets disconnected. Second person casts a second Yog. Disconnects right after usage, server crashes. Load back in, Cast a Ymir, server lags so badly server resets. Lose Ymir token. Stand around on top of base for 5 mins, place about 30 bombs to blow in. Explode them, server crashes. Looks like those that spam massive amounts of parts cant be raided since all that information from the damages and broken parts overloads something and crashes.

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  1. Find massive base.
  2. Attack using gods and/or bombs
  3. Watch it crash and burn
  4. Go play another game for 30 mins till the server comes back.

mad cause bad. are you trying to raid that base under the mesh in the volcano in that invalid build area?

Lol, nah, not mad at this. Were raiding your 20k spam base. But please, whine more about the volcano base. Its not our fault you don’t know how to raid.

The exact cause and reason for the server crashes are due to your clan, so by all means, play the innocent card.

maybe its when the server is being DDOSed to allow snapping in pieces in that invalid area in the volcano

Then stop DDOSing the server because you don’t know how to raid.

if you get a repair hammer out you can see all the spam is around that base from another clan

Wah. There is only 8k spam around your base, while your crap has over 20k pieces. You literally have spammed the map with probably close to 80-100k parts. You are the reason the server is dead and the reason the server crashes.

Can confirm 100% that attacking a massive base sends way too much info to the event log and causes a server crash. Looks like 2 things here:

  1. Want an unraidable unplayable server? Spam 20k parts in a base and the server cant handle it when bombs go off.

  2. This new event log is 100% trash, and this game is now going in the wrong direction. This kind of bug/glitch is so terrible, that in its current state, this game is still beta. It needs to be fixed, asap.

Thanks for pointing out that unraidable base that is built in an invalid build area behind the devotees nemesis.

Your welcome. Feel free to raid it anytime, using the methods we told you to use. Next time, like I stated multiple times, thank the devs for making a large map to play on, then restrict building zones after servers have been up for months. Their fault, not ours.

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