Help, I am crashing the server, I think

The admins of a server I’ve been playing on believe I am crashing the server but we don’t know how. If I can stay logged in long enough, I will delete my hanging braziers and see if that works. The problem with that is the crashes were happening a lot when I was not at my base. My base IS built almost right on top of my friend’s base. I dunno what else may be important for me to mention yet.

Please ask me more questions, hopefully this can be figured out. Thanks

Start with you’re platform and region, where in the map you are built and approx size. Screenshots are kinda imperative as well. The more info you can provide for funcom the better chance you will have of maybe getting a solution mate.

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Ah I gotcha. Let’s see, I am in the US, I’m playing on an EU server. My base is up on a mountain, I built a tower on a particularly thin part. Bottom foundations are about 7×9 the front is a little longer to allow space for a few layers of doors.
The first few floors, maybe about 6 walls high is just pillars walls and floors with a staircase leading up through it, with all the crafting stations I would normally have out in a couple floors, bed chamber floor, altar on top floor. All T3 with a drawbridge and stuff. It is my first base not made of T1 materials.

That really doesn’t sound like a server crashing amount of stuff. Like I said but a pic of the map with your base encircled and some screenshots of your friends base and yours would greatly help your cause. In either case you have a day or two before anyone from funcom reads the forums as they aren’t about on weekends. Gather your info and screenshots and repost to zendesk to maximise your chance of both getting attention and a possible solution. Good luck.

Hey can you tell me more about zendesk? I can’t find it and want to contact them today.

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there is the address. I have never sent a message to Zendesk probably self explaining good luck

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Do they have anything to support this speculation? How did they come up with this conclusion?

In addition, I doubt ZenDesk will help considering that they are dealing with server issues and player reports on officials only.


Ooops I best stop referring people over there in that case. :grimacing:

I don’t know for sure why they thought it was me, they said something confirmed a player was the cause of the server crashing a lot and assumed it was me because it was happening when I logged in. I have played some since they unbanned me and I don’t crash the server.
My frame rates are a little poopy but that’s because my buddies built their base right under mine and both our bases are made of a lot of parts condensed in a small area.
I dunno man.
I punched in random numbers for the official server number and explained my situation asking for suggestions on what the problem could be and solutions for them.
After all this I don’t feel as motivated to play.

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