Server crashing is back on official!

PVE 6422 Official:
Every day, at least 20 times, someone is crashing the server for whatever reasons. This renders a server ,that has just recently revived to 15-20 players online constantly, basically unplayable. You can’t even reach home with a thrall bound, that’s how often is being done.
Can we have an official opinion on this?

Pretty sure you’re overstating how often it happens. It is typically 2-3 times a day on 6438. Please report it to zendesk everytime it happens. Also G-Portal had maintenance coming up. Hopefully, that fixes the issues.

Official servers scheduled maintenance on June 16th and 17th - General Discussion / News and Announcements - Funcom Forums


Apart from the usual server restarts, 6422 has crashed exactly once in the past 48 hours. It appears to have gone down a total of five (5) times in the past week, looking back to June 7th. Obviously we’d prefer this number to be 0, but it doesn’t seem to be nearly as dire a situation as you describe. As mentioned, Zendesk is a good resource to report these outages and hopefully the maintenance can help.


I am also on server #6438 There is a tower in quadrant J 12 on the left side almost in I 12 a group built a tower as tall as they could and it is in auto decay and when you render close by it will crash because the server cannot delete it. I am not sure how to report this basically you need an admin to turn off decay and tear it down section at a time. Because the server will crash if you get close also I forgot to mention the tower is located on the beach in the quadrant I mentioned

Guess I’ll need to look at that… hopefully server is back up after another crash.

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I’d report it on zendesk just as you did here. Submit a request – Funcom

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Yes as soon as you get into render view it will crash I tried to delete 2 times over the weekend before it hit auto decay and it crashed everytime.Sunday morning I went up to it really slow as soon as it rendered the server crashed.Iwent up the tower about 3 weeks ago and they built it up until the game world ended the group who built it is named The Goonies. When i went up to it I got lucky the server rolled back a bit If not you may not be able to log on again if you are in render distance while you relog back in without crashing the server everytime.

Yeah, I just crashed the server.

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LOL yes I hope they will fix this.

This is what zendesk has in fine print for reporting builds… you can’t even get to the location to map it for them…

“Please provide as much information and evidence as possible. If the report concerns a building/construction you MUST include a screenshot/image of the map showing the exact location, or we will not be able to investigate the matter. You can attach up to 5 images below; feel free to include a link to a private, externally hosted video in your description if needed.”

How stupid is that?

I googled isle of siptah map images and took screenshot and made a little red dot on the location I will use your link to report this. Hopefully that will be enough for them to investigate this problem.

Add it to this too if you can. (reply to thread).

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Yeah, I instantly get disconnected on login load screen and the server goes back down.

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I reported this problem and added your info to mine hopefully they can resolve this soon.

I noticed today on 6438 that a thrall of mine that was killed the other day (can’t remember what day) was back at my base. Did we have a minor rollback?

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