Server History gone

HI all,
i want says how view my history server with wich level i have in the launcher no work all time.
same i go on official more 1 years and i no see nothing in favorites on in normal when select by level same no appears.

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That’s because the information about what level you are on which server is kept in your local installation, in the Game.ini file, in the section called [Miscellaneous.CharacterLevel]. The game doesn’t actually query any of the servers about your character’s level.

So even if everything worked properly, and I’ll explain shortly why it doesn’t, it would still be possible to completely lose this information simply by uninstalling the game, wiping all the local files, and installing it again. Or moving to a different computer and installing the game there.

And, as I mentioned, even this implementation doesn’t work properly. That’s because the [Miscellaneous.CharacterLevel] section stores this information in the following form (this is just an example):


The left hand side is the unique identifier of the server. The right hand side is your character’s level on that server. Sounds straightforward, right? So why doesn’t it work?

Because the server’s identifier seems to change on every reboot. So as soon as the server reboots, that line of your Game.ini file becomes worthless and just stays there making your file bigger and bigger, without providing you with the information it’s supposed to.

How does any of this help you?

I’m afraid it doesn’t. But I wanted to shine the light onto one of the several snafus I discovered while poking around the game. Who knows, maybe someone will get a chuckle out of this story.

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It seems to not even do that much properly.

I have been playing on the same server for over four and half years. Most of the lines are 60, as would be expected, I haven’t been less than level 60 since the first month of that time. However, there are a lot of numbers that are not 60. Too many.

It either doesn’t change every reboot or they somehow get deleted too. I only have 296 entries, but I have logged in far more than that many days. I should have at least a thousand more than that if it generated a new one after every reboot.

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Yeah, I have a bunch, too, from the servers I’ve visited and created a character on them without really playing it.

I’m almost 100% sure that the official servers change their UID every day, but I’ll start keeping track of the one I play on and let you know.

It’s true that I don’t have enough entries given the time I’ve played on this computer since the last clean install. I wonder if there’s something that cleans them up. Another possibility is that perhaps the UIDs aren’t nearly as unique as they should be :wink:

One last thing I can think of is that this problem with the levels hasn’t been there from the start. On the other hand, I’m sure it’s been there for more than a year, so you should still have more than 365 entries there.

It’s an interesting little mystery, isn’t it?

Here’s another fun little factoid that I literally discovered just now: if your Game.ini does not have the [Miscellaneous.CharacterLevel] section in it, the game won’t add it. That means that even when you connect to a server where you already have a character, the information about its level won’t get saved.

Well, I think I’ve finally solved this mystery, too. For the last 3 days, I’ve been tracking the UID of my favorite official server. I’ve also been doing the experiments with how I log into it and observing the contents of my Game.ini file. I believe I know why you don’t have more than a thousand entries in your file.

If you enter the server by selecting it from the server browser, the game will add the corresponding line to the [Miscellaneous.CharacterLevel] section. However, if you enter the server by clicking on the “continue” button in the Funcom launcher, a line won’t be added.

Even in that case, 296 is too low. The launcher is a relatively new addition compared to the 4.5 years I’ve been playing on the same server.

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