Server keeps disconnecting

THe server is continually disconnecting…

I picked a bad time to try unconquered again. Oh well, I knew it was folly to try with the possibility of a d/c death. This however is quite unreal.

I am sorry Jarafin…I have done one unconquered character and made it all the way through. And I had one disconnect. How I survived I dont know…but after that, no more…

Tonight we kept getting serial disconnects. It was weird , right before one of the disconnects, someone posted in global, “apologize for banning XXXXXXX, and this will all stop.” I have no idea if someone was serious or just being a troll…

Whatever it was, it was horrid! I truly sorry for your loss… I thought back then that FC should have given a disconnect insurance policy or potion just for this type of issue…


Thanks, I lost a 73 or so conqueror after surviving a few disconnects some months ago, that was my 3rd attempt. This one I literally just rolled yesterday and was level 7 fresh from the jungle on white sands when this chaos hit. I am asking myself do I re-roll or just put the challenge behind me for good lol.

And yes, I would buy d/c insurance in a minute, if offered. I know I could make it if not for the disconnects. :wink:

The best insurance for disconnects is to play a necro with the pets set on defend. :wink:

One of the biggest problems with having some form of d/c insurance, is that it could be easily exploited. You are about to die during combat? Just pull your internet plug. Instant d/c, insurance kicks in, profit.

Although, properly detecting a d/c is not as straight forward for Funcom as you would think. This is evidenced by how you can d/c and not be allowed back in for 15 minutes till your character naturally logs out.

Maybe, but so what if people spend money for funcom? the profit would be funcoms, raking in the bucks. And yes from a programming point, not sure how it would be detected. Still I think it would be doable.

I know it won’t happen since we are getting zero support in content atm … but it was a nice dream.

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I understand the concerns about disconnect insurance, I just tend to think that players would/should be honest and not exploit. But, human nature is human nature, and AoC is not exempt from folks misusing a perfectly good tool, if it had been available.

Anyways, good luck on future unconquered Jarafin!


All time dc.

Lags really bad right now.

Ye same game disconnects every minute for me. Its even hard to log on, perma loading screen…

Yeah, can’t even log on now.

after a server reset i would expect things to be running a bit smoother than last night’s lag fest. but its just as bad. ddos? any thoughts or reassurances from our generous hosts would be appreciated.

We’re aware of a couple short-term connectivity issues that affected our games recently. We’re looking into what happened and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Things should be fine as of this writing, although please contact us if anything else happens. Thank you!


Thank you @AndyB!

I lost my unconqured status (lvl 66) during the first server dc. Thats 23 hours of playtime down the drain. I’ve made a /petition and expect the GMs to have been informed about the server issues last night and as such put back my unconqured status, so I can continue progressing.

Hi me too, it’s the one with full t6 gear, can you restore it plz? Thanks


It’s happening AGAIN

What is the cause of this?