Server Lag Never Gets Fixed

The Community is ■■■■■■■■ us!!!

I finally got on and was able to post … man … should be way easier to complain …

Will copy paste all that I have been saving up in a bit … stay tuned

I wouldn’t bother, look at my reply.

You actually made a point and I was going to give you credit! Lol … You actually provided the first bit of useful info I have gotten on these forums … I am testing it out … a bug … a server bug … that has never been fixed!

If just connecting to a server directly is a fix … why not make that for everyone? Why let the whole world get massive lag … always … but if direct connecting fixes it … why not make that the norm? Again … I am about to test it … not sure if it really works … but … it is something … lol

I and most likely a lot of other players are experiencing the exact same problems as you are with server pings being in the hundreds or 9999 after booting up the game, I know that I am not alone because I have asked on servers that I play on, those who answered said they experience the same.
My clan mate and I experimented with it and got different results, but generally he also often had the same problems.

I don’t see this as a problem on the user end or with distance to server simply because if it was then why was it rarely ever a problem before?
I am 99.99% convinced that the problem is either the game itself, Funcom launcher or Gportal :wink:

However as others have suggested, you can either wait it out because for some reason the ping usually get below 100 with some minutes after a few retries, or you can use direct connect since you are on pc :slight_smile:

Btw a big thank you to the @Smoketreader and @Kikigirl for providing an explanation and a working solution :slight_smile:

I am not really sure that making loads of zendessk tickets on a problem like this is the best solution since it is a known problem that affects many players, but it is what community managers recommend before closing a thread :face_with_monocle:

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I agree with you that it should be fixed. Funcom is aware and has been since it was reported when it was first shown.

Inundating the forums with angry posts expecting a reply and solution instantly won’t resolve the issue though.

I get it. It’s frustrating. For those who do not have the option of direct connecting are in even more of a pickle.

But for now, there is a bypass solution and that is direct connecting. Most Official servers have direct connection credentials listed in Google, BattleMetrics being my most searched choice.

All I write is “direct connect conan exiles (server number)” and it pops up with results.

It isn’t perfect and doesn’t solve the issue but at least it’s something that can be done until Funcom figures it out.

And who is to say that it hasn’t been fixed and then came back? We don’t know. They may have tried to fix it 100 times.

Thing is for this specifically, they’d want you to report it here with the proper template and complete information.

I think it is ok to create a report this way and if it isn’t resolved within 3 months, make another. More than likely it is a non-urgent backburner issue they’ve attempted to or haven’t had the time to get to.

I would hazard a guess it is tied in with their poor choice of supplier: GPortal. Which in all honesty is probably why it hasn’t been resolved. Maybe. I am no expert on programming or sever issues at all.

But I do know that as long as the server is actually up and you see the 9999 ping issue, you can direct connect with the proper credentials.

I’ve used it plenty when seeing this bug or when a server is crashed on PVP, you can pop in even when the server is 1020 ping.

This is absolutely correct, me and my clan mate logged on pretty much at the same time, he got in with a ping around 60-70 and on my end it showed 9999, but a direct connect let me in just fine.
This leads me to think that it may not be a server problem alone, but perhaps something with the game code or Funcom launcher…
I don’t know what the problem is, but it seems to be pretty widespread and random.
If we go back to before Age of Sorcery, I rarely ever had ping issues unless if an update or patch created a known issue that affected all.
It got much worse with the AoW chapter 2 update, now it happens frequently.

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I don’t believe the “ping 9999” is about actual ping.
Its about the server being unresponsive for some reason or another, which leads to the game client labeling the ping to basically infinite even though the issue is not about the connection. Its about the SERVER.

The reason why the server is unresponsive at first before the ping “normalizes” after few attempts should be researched. It cant be normal. There must be a reason. I have theorized the reason is that the server is in some kinda “sleep” or energy saving mode because there are no current players…

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