Server lagging since yesterday

Platforme: PC
Type: PVE conflict
Server: Publick Test Server-EU-PvE-C-ExiledLands
Installed DLC: Debaucheries of Derketo
Character: Susie Q
I have an issue. My character is lagging after 1-2 minutes in the own base. I stucked when I try to run/walk/crouch/move in my own home. If I reconnect and can went from the house on these 2 minutes, I haven’t these problems. This situation appeared yesterday. Before that, I played more than 60 hours and everything was fine. I tried to set the settings to minimum, changed the ISP, but it did not help.
Please, help me with this issue

Hi @kleine1979

Can you restart the game and see if this issue persists?

I have this issue 3 days in a row. Ofcourse, I restarted the game many times. First few minutes all is ok, but after that freezing and stucking came back.I don’t know what I could do with this.

Even more: I’ve played with AMD Sapphire+ 4Gb VRAM. When I’ve started to stuck and freezing, I’ve change this card to another: AMD Sapphire+ 8Gb VRAM and video settings were downgrade to minimum. The lags are still going. I’m sure, that my graphic cards are working fine. And yes: I’ve changed my ISP to another too. The lags are here.
Please do something with this.

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