Server List fetal error message

Game mode: (Online official | Online private)
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So after a recent Steam outage in my region I’ve had an issue trying to play online, as
soon as i select “Play online” in the main menu it opens the server list then closes and all i get is a box with Fetal Error. No other information is given. I’ve re-installed the game and cleared all game data from my system and i’m still seeing the same error message.

A step-by-step process of how the bug mite be reproduced:

Step 1. Open Conan, Play online, select a “Local” private server.
Step 2. some how replicate a disconnection to steam, Log out to game main menu
Step 3. Reconnect to steam
Step 4. Attempt to play online.

(Hopefully this will duplicate the error if not then i have no idea)

Extra Info: The private server i connect to is within my property so if i get disconnected from the Internet I don’t get disconnected from the server, I hope this helps.

I currently can not play online due to this issue, single player has not been affected however.

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