Server merge problem

My server 6011 merged today with server 6422, and… I lost everything, over 200 hours of gameplay gone in the trash.
However, there is no one occupying the place I had…

Why this ?

Is this proof of the lack of consideration Funcom has for its community?

Thanks to the teams for doing this with a lot of intelligence…

Hello, looking at the server merge list:

Your original server was listed as the one to be moved onto 6422, which would explain why your things are gone.

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Hi @Nyrian77

We’ve announced server merges a while back in this thread and we keep updating it with our latest inforamtion regarding merges so please make sure you keep an eye on it.

As for this issue you are experiencing, please make sure you report it over on Zendesk so our them can look into it further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

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