Server player list on PvP servers

It is a bit idiot have a “player list” on PvP servers… Cuz your enemy always know when you are logged in… This is surreal… When they see your name on the list, they run to your base and Camp there waiting for you

I always have an alternate re-spawn point that is extremely difficult to access and / or easy to defend against. For example, on a high peak with nowhere for them to stand. It’s also way across the map. So that’s three areas they would have to camp - the desert, my bed and my bedroll. All at opposite ends of the map, lol. I also cache gear in out of the way places for if I respawn in the desert. Sure people can destroy it if they find it but who really goes climbing in random parts of the mountains where any slightest misstep could kill them in a spot they cant recover their gear? It would be funny if someone camped my base. They could camp it for hours and I’d be playing on the other side of the map.

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You can see ppl online in steam servers tab too, so even if CE hasnt player list, you still could know who’s online.

Sorry, i was saying about PS4…