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Anyone can help me with where can I get information on official server rules regarding to raiding?

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These are the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures maybe that can answer your question. I don’t see anything specific to raiding, what are you looking for exactly?


On Official PvP there are no rules to “raiding”. However, there ARE rules to conduct.

1.) This means that how people communicate in response to anything that happens is open to scrutiny. Most of your actual problems start here, but they can be provoked by accusations of the other two. You’re best off staying silent regardless of which side of the conflict you are on, once you determine that diplomacy is not an option.
2.) You are not allowed to cheat or use external mods to improve your performance. This is DEEPLY frowned upon. You know if you are cheating, and FunCom won’t ban for cheating if you weren’t.
3.) Repeated use of known game exploits is also frowned upon. It’s hard to prove in some cases, but suffice it to say, if it keeps happening, it builds a reputation that could lead to a ban. If someone accuses you of using exploits, document what is going on, and do research in the forums to confirm if the stated exploit exists. If you are doing something cheesy you only have yourself to blame if you get banned for refusing to stop.

There are of course, nuances to all of this and the TOC makes it pretty clear how FunCom approaches reported incidents.

Outside of this, some Official Servers may have Gentlemen’s agreements by the Major Alliances on the server… so if you violate the local customs, expect the natives to hunt you down and attempt to make you pay the price in game. Don’t get flustered and say something you’ll regret, but also don’t try to provoke people to say such things. While you might not agree with whatever standards those Alliances want to enforce, you can express that with how you play the game.

If someone Harasses you or crosses the line, it’s pretty much up to you whether or not you want to rely on FunCom to settle your beef using the TOC… they aren’t going to step in unless you ask, they don’t have enough moderators to be watching everything all the time.


something about dynamic building damage…after the last person in the clan goes offline you can’t be raided or something?

The Dymanic Building Damage is a server option, not a player rule, the status so far:


thx im currently playing on official with dynamic building damage enabled.

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Ok, cool! I didn’t know it was on already.

ye man it’s on

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