Server settings menu options more micro level

I am thinking of starting a G portal PS4 Server, but have a few questions:

  1. Can you set up the harvest/xp gain/raid times daily instead of by weekend/weekday only?
    I ask because I want to have a more controlled casual pvp server close to official PVP, but without the demand for 50 hour game weeks. I have mulitple friends who have tried the game and just burned out on the demand to play constanlty during raid time.
  2. Set teh server reset for automatic daily/weekly/monthly at a certain time of day (5am central for me).
    3 Set up spawns in the game. IE, i put a Demon Spdier Queen in a certain area by admin spwaning, can i make it respawn if killed?

Looking at the admin menu in options, i don’t see these as options, so my guess is they are not options for console servers thru Gportal. Iwould love to set up something like this for the more casual gamer…

HARVEST RATE—1X 1 AM Saturday all the way thru 5 PM Monday (much needed RL time)
3x 5 PM Monday thru 1 AM Tuesday
1x 1 AM thru 5PM daily Tuesday thru Friday
5x 5 PM to 1 AM daily Tuesday thru Friday
XP gain 5x—all time. Want people to hit max level and focus on PVP and raiding
PVP melee damage — always on.
Raid TIme ----- Tuesday thru Friday 7 PM to 11 PM
God Time ----- Wednesday thru Thursday 7:00 PM to 10 PM (3 minute gods.)

My goal is for people to actually enjoy the game thru phases, sat-Monday is building, with little reward for harvesting. Monday and Tuesday to be more about Farming.

Weds-Friday about fighting, with bonus harvesting because it is during raid times.

I could accomplish this by logging in and adjusting settings constantly, but would like to not have to if possible.

And it would be open to the public, 20 person (depending on popularity would increase as much as needed) 5 man clan limits. Even thought to have 3 month wipes of everything but 1 - 2 bases per clan to keep server from being spammed by Alphas. Wuold act as an admin that woudl also do events during non raid days for some bonus items.

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