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When i start Conan Exiles i cant press continue on the Launcher because the serverlist shows most of the servers with 9999 ping.
When i refresh the server list wih going back to main menu and then back to the serverlist the servers show their real ping then i can join but when the ping shows over 200 i am forced to restart the game or start a singleplayer game to refresh the serverlist because i dont have a button to refresh the serverlist.
All i want is a refresh serverlist button and that continue from the launcerh is working again can i hope with a fix or is this now the new normal since 2 months and for the next year?

There is already a refresh function for the server list, but it takes a moment too long to be clickable, that doesn’t help you either, I’m just saying it for completeness. From my own experience, I try to restrict all online activity during game launch so that the server list gets a good ping on the first try.

You can also connect directly to a server from the menu. press “insert” → (a command line will appear at the bottom of the screen, enter the following there) → DirectConnect (followed by a space, then the IP of the server). You can find the IP here Conan Exiles Server List - Filter and search all servers - BattleMetrics.

@Edit 2
Ok, there is another way. Join the server directly from a desktop shortcut without using the launcher.
For this variation you need a another IP, this is also found on BattleMetrics → see the pic
it is the 2nd IP with the addition (Query Port)
in the desktop Shortcut you write “steam://connect/[serverip]”
it should look like this.

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