Settings of nudity

I was wondering if there is a way to set full nudity even in single player and not only in multiplayer

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Yes of course, you have to set it in two places: in the server settings (singleplayer is effectively running a server just for you while you’re playing the game), this requires admin. Then you need to set it in your client settings too.

YMMV is you’re on console as they can be rather more prudish, depending on location (“think of the children” and all that)

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If you play on Playstation there is only one way.
First to gain full nudity you need to play the EU version.
Second. Settings, make me admin, server nudity full.
Options, server settings, nudity full
Edit, photos how to do it

Go out of the settings to see your player

And then again, options, settings, gameplay

And the job is done

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