Severe lag spikes after ten to fifteen minutes of gameplay

Hi, I recently installed Conan Exiles and am having an issue with severe lag spikes lasting from ten to twenty seconds.

The game seems to run fine for ten to fifteen minutes (single player or online) and then I begin to get frequent lag spikes almost every time I interact with an inventory window. Either opening one or moving an item will cause these long spikes. I also start getting the spikes while moving across the landscape.

My specs are: AMD FX-8320 eight core, 3.5GHz with 16GB RAM. GTX960 with 4096 MB RAM. All drivers updated as of today with no change. I have tried all the available settings and none seem to have an effect on the severity or frequency of lag.

Other AAA titles such as ARK, LiF:YO etc. run flawlessly on my machine.

I have tried searching around for other people posting similar complaints but so far haven’t found much. Any thoughts?


I wanted to follow up with my post after some diagnosing with a helpful FunCom tech support (GM Umborls).

In our conversation it was suggested my cpu might be getting too hot. I monitored my cpu temperatures for an hour and sure enough, after about twenty minutes the cpu temperatures would reach 75 degrees Celsius and the client would immediately freeze and “lag” for about fifteen to twenty seconds. When normal operation was restored my cpu temperatures had dropped to around 60 degrees. After a few more minutes the temperatures would rise again and when they hit 75 degrees the same lag spike would occur. This happened repeatedly every few minutes thereafter. Problem solved?.. not really.

So, to compare I loaded Ark Survival because it is also pretty hardware intensive ( and runs without issues) and I monitored the cpu temperatues. Just like with Conan Exiles, the temperatures would rise until they hit 75 degrees. However now, my liquid cooling system would kick in and drop the temperatures back down to around 55 degrees with no noticeable effects on gameplay. After five minutes the temperatures would again rise to 75 degrees and again, my cooling system would adapt and lower the temperatures back down.

The issue I believe is the Conan Exiles client is interfering with my cooling system. Normally, I would consider this highly unlikely however I have also witnessed the issues with alt-tabbing with my AMD processer reported elsewhere on this forum (hard crashing and unable even to control-alt-delete) and simply moving my mouse outside of the window causes the client to do really bad things to my computer. There is ample evidence that the client has some serious issues with AMD processors at the moment.

In any case, my cpu gets too hot and my cooling system fails to function correctly when using the Conan Exiles game client. I don’t have any issues like this with any other game clients and I am pretty confident the fault resides with Conan Exiles alone. I will just have to wait and see if it is resolved at some point.

Thanks again for the good tech support FunCom.