Shambala Unequal Team size

I appreciate the recent adjustment to team sizes and making Shambala more accessible.

However, it worth noting unbalanced team sizes are probably not intended and likely to frustrate players in the future. It can be nice to win against the odds, but more likely the smaller team is going to feel taken advantage of.

Two versus five is an extreme example, but even one member difference can seem unfair.

Whilst I don’t anticipate a solution to this issue, at least if you are annoyed by an unfair win or loss, you are not alone.

I fully agree. The recent changes are great and Shambala seems to be popping more frequently now than when I left, but this unequal teams problem (which even was in TSW) can kill the game mode. People tend to get discouraged and lose interest when ending up in the smaller team over and over.

I won quite a few with smaller teams and lost some with bigger teams…thanks to the small teamsizes the effect a single persons skill has is in my opinion way higher than in the old 10v10 which was just a clusterf***
Than again a diffrence of more than 1 shouldn’T happen, like at all.

maybe Funcom should redesign Shambala to have only one spawn point where everyone starts and 15s after the gate opens, people are spontaneously assigned to their teams and only then the brawl begins.
This would allow to restrict the difference between teams to one person max.

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This may be happening, in part, because players are declining when an acceptance window launches.
Does this mean the system fills one team first, and then the second, which then allocates all the absent players there?
The problem may be contributed by the fact that the Secret War activity is not removed when players enter other activities - halfway through fighting a filth hulk or 3rd dungeon boss and up it pops.
Attempting to dequeue from Shambala once an alternate activity commences, or grouping, boots you from that activity/group. A choice of ruining someones Dungeon/Raid or someones PVP…

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