Shape shifting is possible

In the Conan series (videos) Thulsa Doom turned into a snake. He did it at will and escaped, later on he changes back into human form. This opens the idea that shape shifting can be introduced into Conan Exiles with many different ways.
1: Each animal could have its own little shrine you pray to. This gives you passage to turn into that animal with a level/point system introduced as well.
2. We could do side quest and pick the animal we want to change into. If you dont like your specie you could restart the quest chain.
3. Each god we pray to could have their own set animal already for you to change into.

Like I said many ways this could be introduced. Health , armor , attack would be adjusted to what you have equipped.

Would you like to see a system like this added? What do you think would be the best route to go in-order to change, quest, points and more? Keep the comments community friendly. :slight_smile:


I thought that scene of the movie was just him doing that in part of a ritual. They were in the middle of like a orgy thing and had a steaming bowl of some foul black magic soup.

Still would be cool though.

It is hard to say why he just changes and leaves at that moment. Maybe with the ritual going on he was pushed to change and leave so others wouldn’t see his true form. Conan was doing his revenge at the same time and this could of alerted Thulsa to change and leave as well. This is all the director states… "As the three are silently executing the guards, Thulsa Doom begins a transformation while he sits upon his throne, and his human features begin to morph into those of a serpent until he has become a large snake and slithers out of his robes and into a small transport tunnel which no one could follow him due to the size being only able to fit a snake, not a human. This robs Conan the chance of revenge, and so the three only kidnap King Osric’s daughter, who is unwilling to leave Thulsa. If I find what pushes the exact change at that moment ill share it with you. :sunglasses:

*Could have, or could’ve. Not “could of”. Sorry! Can’t help myself.

Anyway, I always read that scene as him changing form as something he needed to do, a ritualistic thing - not as a means of escape. At this point, he’s not afraid of Conan.

The notes from the director are ambiguous - they can certainly be read the way you say, but it’s not the only interpretation.

As it happens, shape-changing was one of the cut features from the canned sorcery system, so I doubt we’ll ever see it.


@Mikey Thanks for the spell check. Shape changing was trashed for the sorcery system. There are still multiple ways we can shape shift without sorcery.

It would be amusing to have a forced shape-shift randomly occur when bitten by those were-hyena creatures in The Den area … at the moment I just find them tedious to fight for little reward.


Just being able to turn into a bat lift players into the sky and drop them, bite their head off. Scale a wall as a spider and bite enemies to poison them. A snake could wrap its prey and swallow them whole or slither through the water. A croc could grab something in the water and drag it underneath. A panther could sneak up on enemies and tear at them until death. This kind of play would make the game fun. With pvp you would have to stay on your toes but there are always to counter.

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The hyena tribe, dogs of the desert or what ever they are called, are transforming into “werehyenas” in the game allready soo…

Shapeshifting is one of the more common fantastic elements in Conan lore. Thulsa Doom’s snake transformation is well supported in previous media. Also changing into other beasts and beast hybrids is a common thing. There are also many manifestations kf ■■■■■■■ characteristics like the witch in the first Conan movie.

Having new rituals of transformation would be cool. Attach them to existing altars. Heck they could just be lesser forms of the avatars

Examples -

Set = Snake
Yog = Some unspeakable horror or maybe a wendigo type thing
Mitra = Could maybe allow trabsformation into some archonic warrior or a goldeb lion or something.

Just brainstorming.


I like the ideas @elf_bait. A golden lion would be so fun to play. I imagine it would take many hits to take that down. That opens an idea of getting basic starter animals through whichever way and upgrading them through the gods.

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