Sorcery in Conan exiles

I have an idea that would allow Funcom to include sorcery into the game, and the best part is, that it should be easy to implement and would fit lore-wise. The idea is that sorcery should take the form of summoning. How this would work is, in the attribute tab there would be a stat line for sorcery. The more points that the player put into the sorcery stat, the more powerful of pets they can summon. this can be anywhere from spirits on the low end, to greater demons on the high end. I was thinking that maybe there should be some sort of altar that would allow the player to craft/summon different beasts. This would require the player to go out and explore to find different recipes. Some recipes would require ingredients that only drops from bosses or from the purge.


Strong beasts plus a corruption penalty would be nice.

Also wouldn’t mind teleportation scrolls that operate similar to obelisks, except you would have to craft a ‘mini-obelisk’ of sorts and gain corruption while porting there. And it would take a while to cast the teleportation spell so you can’t just NOPE out of PVP. Would be great if getting hit during the casting caused you to teleport somewhere random.

yeah it should take a long time to cast the teleportation spell as well as completely drain you of stamina. also getting hit cancels the spell.

Or use corruption as fuel for your sorcery


What if entering the ‘radius’ of the person casting the spell towards the end of the spell being cast teleported both players?

Suddenly, there’s a risk of bringing uninvited guests into your home - or vice versa - luring someone into a carefully laid trap.

also, it would be cool if either the jhebbal religion or sorcery allowed players to morph into creatures


I like the idea of transformation. There’s even a precedence for this in the books. Off the top of my head there is a sorcerer Conan frees who transforms into some kind of bird creature and a servant who transforms into some kind of were-beast in a (chronologically) early story.


I wonder whats preventing funcom from adding sorcery to the game? I get that they didn’t add mounts because of how the terrain is done, but what about sorcery? I mean there is already magic in the game, for example witch queen and dragons blowing fire.

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It’s possible that they have their plate full right now.

the way they explained it orig was summoning and more (i believe for that second bit) but def summoning… they were saying that if your thralls died you would be able to summon em as skeletons… .

i do hope that they are still working on it or least have plans for it… i need to dig up their new road map and see how far if at all it is on the list…

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yeah originally the description given was summons, curses(buffs and debuffs), and shapeshifting(which is why we have the Hyenamen) and that it’d require the corruption mechanic to use.


ah yes thats the rest of em, couldnt remember the specifics lol…

really would like it to come in, was so excited when they announced it orig


great idea would really be a lot of fun and would add a lot to the game

If they do add sorcery, I can imagine they might go the Vancian casting route, of preparing spells beforehand.

Or spells could be made of a resource, or a combination of resources. Like crafting building pieces, so if you cast a specific spell, it consumes a volatile gland as an example.

Though I’ve heard some people remark that it would cause corruption, which also works, though then you can chug cleansing brews and have a dancer next to you.

This is what funcom said about magic in Age of Conan

“It is true that we try to make the visual look and feel of magic in Conan different from what you have seen in other games. The traditional fireball-tossing magic users in pointy hats, with puffs and multicolored robes, are not part of the Hyborian universe. In Conan’s age, magic is dangerous, hidden, and dark. Men who meddle with dark magic may fall to its temptation and powers, so magic uses you as much as you use it! Naturally, the ultimate power comes when you are able to walk the fine line–the one between destruction and creation”

For me this is probably the most important thing regarding Sorcery in conan exiles, that it fit within the lore.

i agree, it fitting in with lore is a must, no fire balls or lightening bolts you see in most games…
and this is what excites me about the whole thing when they announced it originally.

just hoping they are able to get it in the game :slight_smile:

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