Share your Caravanserai!

So. This playthrough I want to avoid building one huge main base, and instead build a loose network of ‘friendly’ outposts around the map. My current planned project is a silk-road style caravanserai in the desert region.

Whats a caravanserai, you ask? Its a kind of fortified courtyard/waystation meant for caravans to stop at during their journey to shelter from bandits and storms. Usually consisted of high walls, a well, an open courtyard, and space for animals, sleeping quarters and shops. Thematically a fit for the Exile lands. See here for more;

What does this have to do with you guys? Simply this; I suck at base building, I am consistently entertained by how good this community’s builds are, and I’d love to see your guys take on a caravanserai build!

Anyone have a build like this? Let’s see 'em!


I appreciate your suggestion and would like to incorporate something like that on my server. Close as I have gotten waystations from the desert and map rooms near Obelisks but a caravan trail would be great. Thanks for the suggestion.

See, this is why I want a desert themed dlc, I want sandstone coloured arches!

I’ve got a few ideas though, i’ll go build a couple of them :smiley:

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LOL I have one, it’s where I leave “welcome booty” for new players who pledge allegiance to the Barnes, old friends who need a boost, or for the conducting of commerce.

My clanmate built the bridge right before he left the server, as T1. I fixed it, then decided to build my Snak Shak right against the cliff wall. There’s a problematic piece of landscape there anyway, which I’d rather hold than let fall into crooked hands.


The bridge looks great!

A unrelated question, how is in first screenshot, your thrall holding the weapon instead of taking a boxing stance? I play the singleplayer and my thrall will have the weapon put on his back and taking a boxing stance with fists instead of holding his weapon.


I filmed this when thralls refused to put away their weapons. I’m not sure there’s a way to keep their weapons deployed these days; there used to be a glitch, but even if there were, talking about glitches is not appropriate. :slight_smile:

Thanks about the bridge. From bridge center facing toward Hand of Maker, the Sinkhole is to the left, and a ragged pack of hyena is to the right, it’s a fun place to stand and watch truly new players “deal.” I purposefully suspended that Shack there to have the lowest impact, and sprinkled a few RP pieces around a cart on the ground level. I always catch players thinking they’ve made it, gawping at my RP while the hyenas close in.


It’s just a small one, right inside my city walls of New Sanctuary (current pop. 110 people, 2 camels). Abu Rachman ben Abdellah looks after your animals for a fee. The awning you can see on the left wall is where a bearer waits to carry your stuff while you’re visiting the city, but this picture is taken before I “hired” a bearer for this task.

So yeah, this one is one of the more modern versions, kinda like a medieval parking lot near the city gates.


This bridge looks dope i tried to make one like this but i dint got succeeded there
Your plan to create a network of ‘friendly’ outposts around the map, with a silk-road style caravanserai as the centerpiece in the desert region, sounds like an exciting project! Caravanserais, historically fortified waystations for travelers, add depth and thematic richness to the Exile lands setting. I’m eager to see how the community brings this concept to life with their base-building skills. As for the keyword “ayat kursi,” it’s intriguing how diverse inspirations like this contribute to the creativity within the gaming community.

This has already been implemented on the Savage Wilds map. The map is covered by a network of caravan posts. You pay a nominal fee and teleport where you need.