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So i have been looking around here for a bit and even though i have played this game quite a bit in the last couple of months i learn new things every now and then. i decided it would be useful for new and existing players to share some of the tips and tricks i found.
if you got more just drop a comment!

  • Put the unnappetizing fish/shrimp from the fishtraps in a fluid press to get oil which you can use as fuel all fish give oil, unnappetizing gives the most with a ratio of 1:1

  • you can cook unnappetizing fish and shrimp to get ichor as byproduct

  • cooked food can be placed in a conposter for faster decay into putrid meat. putrid meat can be pressed into ichor at a 50:1 ratio. dont drop your food surplus

  • (not confirmed) fishtraps can be placed in wells

  • when blocks do not snap on try switching to a staircase and let that snap on, once it snapped to the desired position you want to place a block in, switch back and wait(sometimes wiggle a bit) for the block to snap on. (this is a workaround for unplacable foundations in some cases)

  • raw human meat (really almost any food) can be used in wheel of pains

  • meat and fishes (cooked or not) when dumped in a composter will decay faster

  • press coal into a fluidpress to get tar.

  • when playing online, A. lock your chests and B dont place any workstations or chests near windows, other players can interact with them trough these windows and thus steal your items out of them

  • exotic shellfish works [best|really well] for breaking thralls, these are easy to get with a fishfarm, and last longer. And thus are better than gruel.

  • when you are in or near the northern part of the map, the insulated wood tier 2 is actually cheaper and easier to make than the stonebrick tier2. The trees there give additional resin (and when you dry your wood on your dryer you get some as well) and iron is very common in the northern parts if the map (most common in the highlands)

  • when you built your base in the jungle (near the palace of the witch queen for example) you might want to scour the river beddings for vents. Brimstone can be found near these vents (especially the ones near the sea) and thus can save you a lot of traveltime

  • ps. dont forget; preservation boxes only work when they contain ice in them

  • (Xbox only? cant test on ps4) It is possible to use the PC console commands on xbox (if you are admin). Simply plug an usb keyboard in your xbox ans press ~ for the command window to open. (Tested and confirmed with wireless bluetooth keyboard). Very useful!

I will add more when i think of them


imo it is better to cook unappetizing fish for ichor, then place any other raw fish in the press for oil. This is the easiest and quickest method to farm ichor.

When soloing on PvP servers, try not to upgrade a temple in your base. This will give away your location on the map and paint a huge bull’s eye on your back (assuming you want to stay somewhat hidden).

Don’t put windows on the ground floor, ever. So easy to steal stuff through a window.

Windows not near chest or workstations is kinda obvious on pve/pvp rho :stuck_out_tongue:
and iknow you can get ichor from the unnappatizing fish but keep in mind;
ratio unnappatizing fish : oil is 1:1
the savory fish is i think 5:1
and exotic fish is 10:1
so not really that good if you want a surplus of oil to power your crafting needs, smashing spiders with a 2handed sword works better ;p if you need ichor

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I normally cook the shrinks to get the ichor and press the unappetising fish, along with all the other fish for the oil, this usually gives the best ratios.

Yes you can use human flesh to fuel the wheel of pain. You can use pretty much anything. It seems the main difference is how long the fuel will last and the spoil time i.e. you can cook haunch but this spoils quicker than say gruel. But I tend to use the cooked shrimps as they just go to waste otherwise once I have the ichor.

do you know the ratio of shrimp:ichor? is the same as the fish? (heard shrimp is as effective to press to oil as unnappatizing fish is)

I don’t think you can press shrimp, but cooking it is 1:1 shrimp to ichor. I press all of my fish for oil, just because I have the space. I cook all of the shrimp and lobster for ichor and walking around food. I put all of the crabs in the compost bin to turn into putrid meat. I don’t really use any other type of meat unless I am making a special recipe, and I have boxes full of ichor and oil to the point of throwing it on the ground at times. This is all on PS4 btw.

gonna test it with shrimp when i get home

Exotic shell fish is best food for breaking Thralls.

Havxing a fish farm gives you infinite of these and you just need to cook it, lasts 600s per fish.

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gonna add this to the list

updated list again

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Added the admin commands tip, can someone check if this works on ps4 as well?

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