How do I make oil

How do I make oil? Is it even possible to make?

But fish or seeds in the fluid press.
Example: 1 x Unappetizing Fish = 1 x oil
You will find the whole list here:


I like to make oil by setting up a fishing hut. Fish you catch in traps = place them in a fluid press.
Unappetizing Fish = 1 to 1 oil
Savory Fish = 5 to 1 oil
Exotic Fish = 10 to 1 oil

Unappetizing Fish when cooked produce ichor instead of oil.


Grab a sickle, smack down a s**t load of bushes, gather bazillions of bugs and place them into multiple fish traps. You get unappetizing fish from that, which is mentioned before, the best for getting oil by pressing them down.


Thanks for the info, I knew it had to be something simple but just could not figure it out.

Thanks, had not thought of adding bugs to fish nets to increase catch.

Thanks for the tip to the link…how do you guys find out about these things? Will give it a try.

I personally find things out by pure accident or dumb luck. Another way to increase fish from nets is to put the grubs from you compost pile in the nets (though this may be shellfish nets).

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I usually save unappetizing fish for Ichor (lots of this needed to build DLC bases :wink: ) and put some four or six Fluid presses nearby to convert two other types of fish into Oil. 5 medium or 10 “best” fish give 1 Oil.

I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason I had convinced myself that savory fish didn’t create oil in the press. Maybe when I tried it I didn’t have a large enough stack size. I’ve put almost everything I could think of, even things that don’t make sense into every container and machine and press play to check the result. It’s how I discovered you could get blood from the press and bonemeal from the severed limbs. It’s how I discovered the recipe for star metal ingots. All this time I’ve been putting the savory fish into the compost because I thought it had no better uses.

If you don’t need the plant fiber and only want the bugs, you can use any other harvesting tool (pickaxe, yog cleaver, etc) to harvest the bushes. You will only get the insects. No plant fiber, no seeds.


Why its too hard now? it was easier

It’s kinda funny that I squeeze savory fish into oil, but cook unappetizing fish to be used as food for my Wheels of Fortune (because I need the ichor that comes as a by-product). Sometimes I squeeze unappetizing fish into oil too when I need lots of it, but no-one in my army eats savory fishes.


I cook the unappetizing fish for ichor then allow them to spoil and press the putrid flesh for more ichor.

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small shrimps also give ichor when cooked in 1:1 ratio , so save ur blue fishes for oil and place shrimps in fire for ichor!!! i have a ton of fishtraps and presses (cause i am freaking lazy for this procedure ) so i either squeeze or cook… each gathering gives me more than 4k oil/ichor so, it is not an everyday task! :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s an even better (and faster!) way of making oil, depending on where your main base is built. If you’re on the upper half of the map, where bark is scarce, by all means ignore this. But, if you’re more desert-friendly, you might want to consider this.

  1. Go to The Summoning Place and farm for a Darfari Witch Doctor. Alternatively, be lucky enough to have a Purge alchemist. These guys can craft 5 oil from 1 ichor and 1 bark. That means that 1k bark and 1k ichor, both easily obtained, can net you 5k oil in no time, which is A LOT.
  2. Get bark! You can farm bark by hitting any tree with a pick instead of a hatchet or pickaxe, but dry trees will yield lots of bark per swing, especially with high-level tools like the Black Blood Pick, dropped (amongst other tools) by this guy, located here. There are a few places littered with dead trees, like south of the brimstone basin (aka Shattered Springs), north of the Black Galleon, or surrounding this guy’s camp in the shallow waters of the Cimmerian zone (aka Mounds of the Dead).
  3. Get some ichor! You better still have your pick handy, because ichor can be best obtained by hitting spiders/scorpions/sandreapers with it. The best place you can go, though, is the sewers dungeon (aka The Dregs). Each white lizard at the beginning will yield a good amount of ichor if you hit its corpse with a pick. But the best source is still… fish. Cooking unappetizing fish or unappetizing shellfish will give you 1 ichor each. It’s better than just tossing them into a press, because it’s faster than just pressing it (especially if you have a cook), it gives you some cheap food you can toss into your slave wheel, and, more importantly, it gives you five times the oil by using this method.

Since you can put a few fish traps inside a large well, you can just build a base near a dead tree “forest” and source all your ichor from there, so you don’t even have to move! Or you can set up a small fishing hut on the riverside and, instead of having a huge press complex, you just need a few presses to turn the savory and exotic fish into oil, and fires to cook the unappetizing fish (tip: savory and exotic shellfish cannot be pressed and will not yield ichor when cooked, so shellfish traps are not efficient) and then just bring the ichor to your base to turn it into oil as you need it (and, since ichor is arguably more precious than oil, it’s better to have a large stock of ichor and convert to oil than just sit on a lot of oil).


For better efficiency, get a witch doctor alchemist.
It has a recipe that makes 5 oil from 1 bark and ichor.
Bark is not too hard to get 1000 of, and fish cook into ichor way faster than press into oil.
Plus now you can get 5 oil out of one blue fish, and also don’t have to decide press for oil or cook for ichor. Just make them all ichor, and craft into oil as needed.
This is for the blue fish only. I put the medium and bigger fish in press just to get something out of them.

Plus the press only goes one speed, you can speed cooking up with named cook.

Plus all the extra fish can be used on thrall wheels. so no waste, and more uses out of the one blue fish.

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I love it how Conan Exiles teaches us to minimize waste.


You have no idea. I ended using dry wood for fuel instead of coal or oil. I needed insulated wood, but chopping trees to get resin is inefficient. Cue in several dryers and tons of wood and twice the amount of bark (we routinely conduct bark and brimstone gathering raids, arguably the two most important resources). After a few hours, we get lots of resin and twice the amount of dry wood. With no need for even more resin, we just decided to use oil only for item upgrades and such, and stopped gathering coal altogether, too, using the byproduct of the dryer as a fuel source.

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That’s my preference as well. I start with coal, because it takes so long to build up enough dry wood to fuel everything, but after some time I put coal in the press for tar, and after some more time, I stop collecting it completely. One stack of dry wood can fuel anything for such a long time that I don’t have to worry about fuel after that. Just pull it out of the dryer, split stack, half goes into the carpernter bench. The other half is used to refill the stack of fuel in all the appropriate stations.

*For me, dry wood is the goal, and insulated wood is the byproduct. :grinning: