Shark Tank Trap Pleaaaaaase!

Dear Funcom,

I been a really good boy this year… and I have one thing on my wish list. Please pretty please, Can you… create… a Shark Tank Trap placeable! It will count as flooring and can also have a lid that can be activated by a switch. The Switch can have 3 modes, off, on and Automatic. On will open the lid, off will close it… and automatic will only open when someone steps over it. Similar to your fire and poison mines it will open upon any body that stands over the trigger. Only that falls into the pit will be instantly attacked by sharks and will continue to lose health until they get out of the trap. To keep trap active you need a feed bin with the right type of feed… but Sharks will also feed on corpses of those fall into the trap…

Just think of it… every fort armed with their own Bond villain Shark tank trap… it would be the GREATEST! If you don’t make this… it means you don’t love me … and I will be very sad.

Thank you!


Not quite the same I know, but if Sharks, Oscars and Piranhas do eventually get added back into the game, you kind of create your own shark tank by simply walling one in using building pieces. You could even use a Hatch for ‘trapdoor’ access.

*Actually on that note, if anyone from Funcom happens to be reading this post are Sharks, Oscars and Piranhas going to be added back in at a later date?

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