Shield second cry for love

And add a pet snake ?


I now hate regular swords. I never liked them. Before that, there was a “tactic” which involded spamming light attack with a sword (looking at you black ice one, and Predatory blade) which was a bit too much, but now they are very unpredictable.
The swords should have differen movesets, because - especially with shield as you mentioned - they miss a lot.


Light light, heavy heavy! You miss less!
If you charge with heavy, the second must be light, especially the second heavy miss very easy.
Actually the greatest nerf from all the weapons was in great swords, they loose combo extremely easy right now.
Unexpected, the punching daggers or claws “stun” your opponents (pve) and it’s one of the weapons that you almost cannot loose combo so you apply 4 heavy very easy!

They said that they will think about it because small snakes are difficult targets. They think about it however but it’s not in their priorities.


I always use one handed weapons with offhand or shield, and I like the shield bash when finishing a heavy combo, but heavy with a shield when using a one handed sword misses a lot. So I pass the swords almost entirely, and I use a mace instead.


Same, I gave up on swords, they go all over the place. Love the mace precision.


I can still place the thrust attack with swords without a problem. The mace isn’t as precise if you are aiming very specific targets. For instance, if my thrall is caputuring another and there’s a mob surrounding it, the sword is a very good weapon to kill these enemies without risking killing our capture, as long as we stick to the thrust attack and only perform combos when the aggro is on us and we gain some distance from where the capture is taking place. It can be done with a mace, but we need to be very careful with the aoe attacks. That’s the only occasion where I miss a sword, being an overall mace swinger myself.


Agree… Ever since I played Conan, I thought swords worthless in that you just end up all over the place and not hitting your target. Do the devs actually play the game?


I don’t see it happening for the small kind. I would sooo put 20 leveled cobras in a room. Imagine getting max poison within 2-4 seconds with constant and annoying bites to keep it up and slowly drop your health.

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I don’t funcy snakes tbh :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Neither is hard for me to kill.
Imagine that all your cobras is just 2 gas (or acid) arrows even if they are lvl 20.
Big snakes already have a buggy animation even in pve. The snake fight is already laggy!
Even before 2.4 snake purges were almost crashing private servers that couldn’t crash with full PvP across the map.
Forgive me but I am not convinced from the “excuse” that snakes are not easy target :wink:.
For PvP, once more, spiders and hyenas are the best! They are annoying, the opponent must kill them because they break balls and the inventory log at once tells you that someone is in your base. I was using them for distance door bells :wink:.

I’ve been a sword-user for a long time, and I still prefer swords for their animation patterns against certain enemy types, human NPCs in particular.

To each their own, I guess.

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