Shortcut keys and tips

So this is mainly for new players, but I thought I would create a list of useful shortcut keys. Please note these will be the default keys without changing any settings.

i - open/close inventory
q - attack selected target
x - sit/stand
h - sneak
u - open/close skill window
p - open/close planetmap
e - use what you have targeted (eg grid or shop terminal)
t - brings up detailed information of what you have targted
y - open/close hotbar
esc - closes windows in the order they were opened (eg backpacks, can be adjusted in F10)
tab - targets nearest enemy

ctrl+tab - targets nearest ally
ctrl+shift+r opens/closes raid window
ctrl+alt+f - opens/closes framerate counter
ctrl+right click on item in inventory - sells item (when shop window is open)
ctrl+1 - opens/closes equipment window
ctrl+2 - opens/closes actions window (special attacks, perks)
ctrl+3 - opens/closes knowledge window (item links/reference)
ctrl+4 - opens/closes mission window
ctrl+5 - opens/closes team window
ctrl+6 - opens/closes mini map window
ctrl+7 - opens/closes friends window
ctrl+8 - opens/closes uploaded nano programs window
ctrl+9 - opens/closes stats window
ctrl+0 - opens/closes NCU window

shift+c - opens/closes chat config window
shift+f - opens/closes looking for team window
shift+p - opens/closes perk window
shift+o - opens/closes research window
shift+t - opens/closes the tradeskill window (combine items)
shift+v - opens/closes the vehicle window (requires Lost Eden expansion)
shift+backslash - opens/closes the majority of you GUI (windows)
shift+q - stops attacking current target and attacks other target you have selected
shift+r - replies to the last person that private messaged you
shift+1 to 0 - changes hotbar “page”
shift+r, alt+up arrow key - cycles through the people who have messaged you since logging in
shift+left click - brings up detailed information of what you click

0 on numpad - autorun
5 on numpad - centers camera
enter - begin typing
enter, tab - brings up chat channel options
enter, alt+up arrow key - cycles through the messages you have sent since logging in
hold right click + move mouse - changes direction your character is facing & angle of camera
F8 - Toggles between first person view and last used 3rd person camera mode
ctrl+F8 - Cycles between the different 3rd person camera modes
F9 - Current coordinates, time and suppression field information
shift+F9 - Detailed zone information
F10 - opens/closes game settings
F12 - Take screenshot (freezes screen for about 1 second)

Once you’re aware of all these shortcut keys, you pretty much no longer need the “wings” in the bottom left and right corners and removing them will give you some extra room on your screen.

Transparency (fade settings) or removing the “wings” can also be adjusted in F10 settings. If you wish to keep these wings I suggest changing the transparency setting (change to 100% to make clearer) so you can see your credits and NCU easier.


Good overview, nice work :blush:

You can also see and rebind all the keys in the in-game options dialog (open with f10):



Saavvick beat me to it :smiley:

You can also bind multiple actions to the same key, especially useful when triggering perk lines that have “previous perk must be active” requirements.


CTRL + ALT + F = Show FPS

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Ctrl + Hold Left Click + Move mouse left / right: divide stacked items
Ctrl + Left Click (Visible Mob / Player): Attack; Stop attacking

Updated! :slight_smile:

Modifier Keys (Shift, Alt or Ctrl) + WASDCZ autoruns in that direction. No need to move the left hand.
Can be combined. So for example Shift + WAC makes you run/strafe in circles.
You can also use a emote script to make funny moves while circling.


Targetting another player and then tapping G 3 times creates reference (ctrl+3) from target that can be posted on chat.

Bump. Would be nice if this was stickied

Chat commands:

/ text (posts in vicinity)
/s text (shouts in vicinity)
/o text (posts to org channel)
/r text (replies to the LAST person that sent you a /tell)

There’s more, but it’s late and my brain has wandered off…

And as an addition to the top post: Shift+\ opens and closes your whole gui.

Thank you for the GUI one, I knew about it but forgot to include it!