Should players get more of a say on additions like the npc tether, increased stun resistance for npc, ect (remember idle thrall noises...)

So it seems like a lot is being added that in the end just turns out to be fully negitive to us as players, some of it seems to just come right out of left field making you wonder where it came from in the first place

What id like to see is the devs take more of an interest in player opinion for major things like adding a tether system, increasing the difficulty, increasing enemy resistances. Stuff like that that effects almost all forms of our game play

Getting community’s opinion on major things like that and you guys will save yourself a a lot of work and time as you’d probably get more of an idea of what we do and don’t want at all

I mean look how fast idle thrall sounds got yanked outta the game, or the god awful momentum run we had for like 2 weeks, simple things like these can be avoided if you guys have someone actually take the time to get a community idea on a yay or nay,

This is just me tho, anyone else?

No. It’s their game, their world, their vision. You have these forums and the ability to spend your time elsewhere as a yay or nay.

This is a nice idea, but it’s not so simple. Almost everyone has their own personal taste and preferences, the community will never reach consensus

Some changes are made for technical reasons, some are made to prevent abuse of the system.

For every person who is annoyed by NPC tethering there is some one else glad that they no longer have to deal with people intentionally dragging mobs and world bosses to their home on PvE and using it to kill their thralls just because they can and get a kick out of ruining other peoples fun

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this is what i used to do before the tether, drag the black yeti to the white dragon for a scrap out front of my place haha good times

And like Octavius said, this was used to troll.

Oh totally, sucks people couldn’t stop kiting them to other folks bases, we would invite people over to place bets on the fight between the dragon and yeti, miss that community a lot, one thing tho I’m confused with on this is how come they didn’t just make it so world bosses don’t damage bases outside of purge times, that could have fixed the issue, unless there’s something I’m missing on it all

They did make it so world bosses didn’t damage bases any more. But as mentioned above, people would pull them over to kill thralls.

People did the same thing with elders when siptah first hit EA. Monsters didn’t use to vanish outside the storm, people could pull them all over the map and absolutely obliterate bases in minutes

No offense, but I disagree with roughly 85+% of your suggestions here on the forum, including the removal of the tether system. Should the tether system be tweaked a bit, perhaps, but that is a SUPER low priority (IMO) compared to the things Funcom is currently working toward improving in the game.

You say things like:

Yet, this is EXACTLY what Funcom does! It is due to a large number of their players complaining about people kiting bosses that we now have the tether system in place. Funcom listens to their community more than most game developers do. It is because they listen that we now have camps in Siptah as well as added biomes. It’s the reason we can now travel between maps, although that system still needs more tweaks as well. We can mount a horse/rhino with a thrall attached and have sheathed weapons displayed, all because Funcom DOES listen.

There are countless other examples of Funcom listening to their players, but I won’t try to list them all here. Funcom listens so well in fact, that it can sometimes be a burden. Like for instance, when an individual such as yourself starts asking for changes ‘on behalf’ of the community, I can only voice my opposing opinion and hope that Funcom doesn’t listen to you.


Hey all good none taken😊

Little criticism isn’t a bad thing.

Just like even tho i always give funcom crap i still think their pretty awesome and got no hate towards them.

I figure not all ideas are gonna be liked that i put out but the tether was just the main one I’ve noticed going really wonkey lately, had a group of spiders rush me, hit me, then vanish, and this stuff keeps happening, they hit and then vanish, no chance to even swing, so hopefully they make it maybe more functional so their not always falling back or teleporting


Like old tether topics… it was new system, and will get adjusted.

Feed back has been taken and has helped change it. Tether is just 1 step towards stopping some of trolling and sissy tactics.

Hopfully it doesn’t get as bad as some games… or like right now Fo76, were if AI has issue getting to you, it gets a x3 speed buff and runs away backwards across map. -_-’

Or like lineage 1, were you kept getting a “anti-exploit message” spam everytime you shot something from top of hill or cliff. XD

I don’t mind tether… It beats that one hyena or spider chasing you forever… at same time, I miss dragging mobs into enemy camps.


I’ve lost count of the number of changes done specifically because of llayer feedback, only for people on this forum to later complain and say “nobody asked for this.”

The point is that Funcom already has, and has been doing things based on player feedback for years. Time for you all to open your eyes a bit.


For me it just made the world feel dead, like everything was tethered and no freedom of movement, like you i miss the mobs fighting each other making the world seem more alive

Who knows maybe they’ll implament something like racial patrol groups that randomly wander the world to make up for the tether system, that actually would be pretty cool


Thats the thing, Alot of player have requested free roaming mobs, or small packs.
I think the AI bumping into Player base would just cause issues.

Or just to much server info going back and forth…

I’m still in favor of Multi-Spawn system. that “hyena” spawn spot could actually be Crocs, Deer etc.
Not all locations.
Or even after Darfari Camp is cleared out, next time it resets (as whole) Server will tag it Undead Darfari next spawn. Or have Hyena pack, and add Temporary corpses when there around.


That’s actually a pretty decent idea you got there, randomized spawns would spice things up

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As many have answered already and that I think you have come to realize now , the tether and other additions , in fact indeed came from player feedback and funcom is indeed listening their playerbase ( maybe a bit too much sometimes :smiley: in fact … , and don’t get me wrong I think it’s very good , but it also creates a hard to follow “directorial” line )

I’ve unfortunately seen at first row , the damage one toxic person can do to a somewhat respectfull & welcoming server when he arrives at the begining of summer holidays while people only connected a too short amount of time to realize that all their “outside of walls” thralls were all dying to bosses being kited

anyways , I think it’s always good to express your ideas but in that particular case I think funcom is in fact doing a pretty good job at listening their players ( remember that it’s composed of a various range from pve , pvp officials to private moded servers and even solo players that all want different things !! :wink: )

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In my humble opinion, people that would spam 20 crocs, 50 rhinos, and a few hundred level one fighters in rags across their base, deserved to get a mob kite.
I personally would do it before tethering, and felt no remorse or guilt cleaning up the crap spammers.
These were the same rage quitters that cried to FC and got tethering implemented.

Try kiting something to my base and my level 20s in epic gear would eat it for lunch.

Also, as to having a say on changes, I think they should implement a voting system. NOT on these forums, but when you log in as a pop up, for important issues.
They did this once before, on a question of server wipes, and everyone got to vote on if their own server got wiped or not. (This was late 2017, so most of you would not remember it.)
Probably one of the most successful decisions they ever made, with virtually no complaints.


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